Period Pants: the TOTM Transformer

Let’s get real for a moment, NOBODY is actually a fan of the TOTM (time of the month), but for those that choose to have their monthlies, there are now more options than ever before to help make the occasion less icky and more bearable. In coming posts, I’ll show you some of my fave TOTM necessities, however today is all about the period pant!

Now, period pants are nothing new for 2021 but I was seriously late to the party. Admittedly I had a few concerns about them (in general). For instance: would they cater for plus size peeps? Would there be leakage issues? What about odour? Do they need to be changed as regularly as other forms of menstrual management? Would it feel like I was wearing a nappy?

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Keep reading to find out why I am a period pant convert. I’ll also recommend some specific items for you to try.

1. Comfort is Key

During your monthlies, comfort is absolutely fundamental. Personally I find some forms of menstrual management to be uncomfortable and it makes the whole thing a lot more stressful for me. Period pants are the most comfortable thing 🥰. You don’t need to feel like Bridget Jones either with different styles of pants available to suit your style from full brief, to short or even high leg and bikini styles.

From OHNE* gifted product

The comfiest pair I have tried are the Ohne Period pants. Ohne specialise in organic period products and have something to suit every cycle on their website (click here). These are the thinnest, softest pants I’ve ever used and at points, I even forgot it was my TOTM 👏 With a variety of colours available, you can match your pants to your mood!*

2. You don’t need to worry about changing often, leakage etc

You can go about your usual daily activities!

Most period pants are made with a specific level of absorbency, an ideal time limit and built in odour control. For example, the Bodyform Intima pants are ideal for light to medium flow and give the user protection for up to 12 hours. Totally ideal for those with busy lifestyles. Provided you choose the right ‘flow’ you’ll be safe from leakage, odour etc.

3. It’s definitely better for the environment

Get yourself a product that can be reused.

Towels and tampons are one use products (understandably and with good reason) but if you’re looking for something that lasts longer and is more environmentally conscious, the period pant is the way to go. The Bodyform Intima pants are said to last up to 50+ washes – which if you’re regular every month, means you’re looking at a good couple of years use from just that pair!

In my experience, having a few pairs to last you the few days/week of your cycle is definitely beneficial. I have pairs ranging from heavy to light flow depending on the situation at the time.

From a budget perspective, there are options for most people with any type of budget:

  • Ohne Period Pant (from £27)
  • Bodyform Ultima (Prices may vary but I got mine for £14.99 from Tesco)
  • Wuka – see link for prices
  • Primark – prices from £6

I hope this has helped 🙂 please do let me know if there are any period pants you recommend! *for transparency, I was kindly gifted Period Pants from Ohne, with no obligation to post. I just absolutely love them!

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