[AD] How to Have the Perfect Date Night… for One

This is a collaboration with Light and Scent, Hull (read on to find out more!) However, as always, my thoughts and comments are completely honest. ❤️

You hear the words ‘date night’ you think single pringle, dressing to impress but I’m here to tell you, making a date with yourself is even better!

Let’s be honest, lockdown 3.0 is making us all stir crazy and I know, personally, it’s affected my mental health. However, we also may find ourselves with a bit more spare time on our hands so what better way to invest this time than on yourself!

The perfect solo date night begins with the running of a gorgeous, steaming hot bath with a beautifully fragrant bath bomb to make you smell absolutely delicious. I personally chose the Date Night Gift Set from Bomb Cosmetics at Light and Scent, Hull because the name speaks for itself!

This set contains 2 Bath Blasters (The larger Bath Bombs) – the ‘Crazy Stupid Bath Blaster’ is filled with essential oils to truly relax you and the biodegradable glitter will make you sparkle like the queen you are. My skin felt so soft and smooth thanks to the shea butter component.

I haven’t used the second Bath Blaster yet (but all the more reason for more me time!) The second blaster is the Passion Fruit Dream Bath Blaster which smells absolutely amazing 😍 Note of neroli and ylang-ylang will help you to drift away into another world!

The smaller ‘bombs’ you can see on the left are known as Bath Mallows. I can’t wait to use these after a stressful day.

Obviously, the relaxing bath is a huge part of the Date Night but no ‘date night’ would be complete without:

🎶 Some tunes that make you feel yourself – I choose Craig David for ultimate chilled vibes.
📰 Something to read or do – today was a magazine kinda day but next time, I’ll be bringing the Sudoku!
🕯️Mood Lighting – light your favourite candle for the ultimate calm vibes! Mostly, I use wax melts. Personally, I love this Blissful Rest melt, which is an absolute steal at £1.45 from Light and Scent!
🍷A tipple of your choice – are you a wine or spirit gal? My fave tipple is Parma Violet Gin and Lemonade. Make sure you have a glass to hand!

About Light And Scent

As an (adopted) Hull gal, supporting local businesses is really important to me. Light and Scent is a new family run business which is located in the usually bustling area of Humber Street.

After lockdown, I will be a regular in store! I mean, just look at that aesthetic! 😍🧼

Image Credit: http://www.lightandscent.co.uk
However, if you’re not local or can’t get to Humber Street, never fear! Their online store is bursting with cruelty free treats, which is an absolute deal breaker for me! Delivering nationally, there’s no reason for you not to indulge and treat yourself!

Let me know if you decide to have a Solo Date Night as I’d love to hear how it goes!

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