A Look Back at 2021

Hello lovely readers! Before you continue to read, it is important to note that I write the majority of this at the start of 2021, but I felt it was important to take a look back at the year, despite all of its issues.

On January 1st, I turned 33 and although I don’t make resolutions per se, because they’re made to be broken, I have thought carefully about some things I’d like to achieve this year, that I wanted to share with you.

Just FYI: I began writing this post just after NYD and then the restrictions came into force. It’s now December 2021 and I’m reflectingsee the changes in bold.

Become more confident at work

Experiences early on in my teaching career led me to believe I was a 💩 teacher. Interestingly, it’s a feeling that never leaves. I get huge anxieties over whether I’m good enough at my job and how the children I teach are getting on. I know I am doing the best that I can but that doesn’t stop imposter syndrome being a thing in my world.

I’m so lucky to have a wonderful work family, who are literally like family to me. We work so well together and I’ll be forever grateful for how much they’ve given me. So that’s the goal – become more confident! I’ve decided that whenever I feel crap, I just need to look back and see how far I’ve come!

December 2021 – I think it’s safe to say that this goal has been 100% achieved. I have thrown myself into my work and I know I’ve come such a long way. My work colleagues and family have contributed massively to this so if any of my ST@R family are reading, I love ya!

Keep up with a fitness regime

As you know, I love Clubbercise and the classes are continuing online but they’re just not the same on my eyes and I can’t get motivated to exercise in this way.

I’ve taken to walking – in as many amazing places as possible! The Humber Bridge and the surrounding area is probably my favourite as there is so much to do and to see.

December 2021 – another thing to check off of my list! Not only have I upped the exercise but I absolutely love it now. Often, you’ll find me walking in different locations but rather surprisingly, I have a gym membership and I attend 4 times a week minimum. One of my favourite things to do at the gym is Spinning!

Continue the skin care and self care ❤️

This year, I vouched to myself that I would take care of myself. It’s something i made more time for last year and I would so often put myself last to work, housework and sometimes even Instagram, as ridiculous as that sounds!

I love to use a range of products and mix things up. I adore YogNog and Snow Fairy by Lush.

One of my hair heroes! (Gifted product from Aussie)

December 2021 – ah, something I did not achieve. I took care of myself in most ways but one thing that did suffer was my facial skin. I have rosacea and it has flared up massively this year. It is the top of my list to make sure I take care of next year.

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