September Style Heroes

It’s been a loooooong time since I’ve done this… Looking back, I realised I hadn’t done this since March, when lockdown started and I hadn’t been able to muster the energy to do it either! However, Style Heroes is back and ready to inspire you ❤️

Mollie (@molliemunroquirk on Insta)

Pic credit: Mollie Quirk

If you’re not following Mollie, check her out here ❤️ Not only is she stylish AF, but she one of my favourite people! So down to earth and authentic, I just love what she does, says and wears! Mollie embraces body positivity and is definately someone you should follow. In terms of her style, she is the queen of prints! 🥰 From printed dresses, to clashing prints, Mollie makes all work!

Picture credit: Mollie Quirk

Casey (@wardwanders on Insta

Picture credit: @wardwanders

Think simple, fresh colours and you have Casey! I hope I didn’t make that sound like a bad thing as its really not! I just love her style so much ❤️ it’s classic and so so sweet! This girl is such a natural beauty – everything she wears looks stunning!

I’ve definitely found myself being influenced by her – I’m on the hunt for a Trench coat because hers looks so beaut! Follow her here 🙂

Lucy (@lucy_earnshaw on Insta)

Picture credit: Lucy Earnshaw

OK! This gorgeous woman is literally my style icon! If there is a gorgeous tea dress, Lucy likely has it! I am so in love with her style. She certainly has a knack for accessorising and making each outfit a knockout!

Not only that but Lucy is so helpful! She has given me invaluable advice about Instagram and working with brands, which she really didn’t have to do. Thats just the amazing kind of person that she is! It’s editorial shots like this that make me love her even more! Follow her here.

Photo credit: Lucy Earnshaw

So glad to be back doing this and hopefully you’ve found some style inspo too! Tell me on the comments what kind of style you prefer!

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