4 outfits that “Do Workwear but make it fashion…”

It’s September so for me as a Primary School teacher, that means Back to Work! I love my job but as I’m moving around a lot and sometimes doing messy things , I’ve always just worn comfortable clothing. I’ve taken it upon myself to dress a little more professionally (for lack of a better word) now that I’m working with slightly older children so I wanted to share some of my outfits with you!

Comfortable Suits are a godsend!

I won’t lie, when I first bought these suits from Simply Be, I was a little disappointed in the quality because I imagined they would be made from a different material. Now, I’m really glad that they’re not 😂

They are so comfortable to wear all day, including the blazer style jacket, and for a shortie like me, the trousers were an ideal length. If you’re a bit taller, these suits would look brilliant as cropped leg suits. They’re simple, stylish and allow me to show a bit of my quirky personality in what I’m wearing. Perfect!

Clash those prints and rock those funky shirts!

When I first bought the top, I tried it on and returned it because I thought I looked like Austin Powers 🙈 Zip ahead 2 weeks later, I see the top in George again and this time it’s half price! It just called to me and I had to repurchase it! I knew it would go so well with my F&F checked trousers! I’m not gonna lie, this outfit made me feel so stylish in a way I hadn’t thought possible for work!

The trousers are mono so will go with anything!

THAT Next dress

Oh.My.God. (You just read that in Janice’s voice, didn’t you? Me too 😂) I was totally influenced by the babe that is Jenny, a fellow blogger and all round super friend (Do be sure to check out her blog too here) Here she is wearing THAT dress!

This polka dot dream is so pretty and the perfect length for me. It comes with a decent slip underneath but that can move around a lot so do wear a black bra ladies! The frill details on the arms and waist are simple but cute! ❤️

The power of the smock dress

If you follow me on Insta (and if you don’t, follow me here) then you’ll have seen some of my recent smock dress pictures! I’ve been loving H and M recently. They have been catering for a more inclusive range of sizes and I am here for it! Their stuff is so well priced too!

This purple smock is especially perfect for work. It’s a lovely lightweight material, bright colours but not overpowering and it so comfortable! I team this dress up with my purple Snag Tights to toe the look together and ensure I’m warm enough! If I haven’t raved about Snag Tights yet, keep any eye on the blog because I ADORE them!

It’s still only a week into the new half term so do expect a part 2! I’m becoming much more experimental with my work style choices and I will share them here! I’d love to know your favourite workwear pieces so leave me a comment! I always reply 🙂

Until next time,

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  1. Lovely post! love the clothing’ they look super comfy and look absolutely amazing on you!


    1. Kat On Beauty says:

      Thank you so much! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am loving comfy but cute clothing atm x


    1. Kat On Beauty says:

      It’s great isnt it? Feeling confy but cute xx

      Liked by 1 person

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