5 Ways I’m Preparing before Trying to Conceive (TTC)

TW: Pregnancy and Miscarriages.

Hey! My first post back after a long time of not posting 🙂 this one is a little bit different for me because I’ll be talking all about the steps in taking in preparing to conceive – you may see the abbreviation TTC in this post which just means trying to conceive.

I’m 32 now, almost 33 and the time is more than right to start thinking babies but I have a fair bit of preparation to do before the actual trying can take place. Hopefully this will be a good read or helpful to some, but don’t worry, fashion content will soon recommence too.

Eating Healthier Food

So I think this goes without saying. I’m a proud plus size woman but it’s believed that overweight invididuals have a harder time conceiving and are also at a higher risk of miscarriage. I don’t think I could go through that again so I’m working hard to ensure that I’m making good food choices. This isn’t to say I’m going to be a Saint – as I’m writing this, I’m having McDonald’s 🙈 but it is the last day of Eat Out to Help Out so it’d be rude not to!

Taking Folic Acid

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Folic Acid supplements are important to help prevent neural tube defects such as Spina Bifida in babies and many mothers to be start to take this before they become pregnant. I’m no different. The recommended amount is 4mg but as I’m overweight I’m on 5mg.

Charting my Cycle from Period to Ovulation

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For some this may seem a bit like overkill, but I know my body very well and I trust it wholeheartedly. I knew when I had miscarried, I knew the exact moment even though the typical signs were not there. I’d been saying something wasn’t right to friends for some time and they had tried to reassure me, bless them.

I use an app called Glow to chart my cycles from the first day of my period to my predicted date of ovulation. For around a 7 day period each month I use ovulation tests to show when I have had my LH surge. These can be a bit hit and miss and that’s why I need a couple of months charting before actually TTC. Some people track their basal body temperature too but I’m just going to try it this way to begin with.

Getting more exercise

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I know lockdown has affected people – some have become more motivated to keep fit by way of beating the boredom but not me! I’ve never needed an excuse not to work out. I’m really not a big fan but once the initial thought is out of the way, I really enjoy it. I’ve been embracing going on varied walks locally and as soon as Clubbercise is allowed to commence I’ll be back there again.

You may read this and thing healthy eating + exercise = weight loss. I guess you’d be right in some respects. I need to help my body out but it doesn’t change the way I feel about Body Positivity, Fat Positivity and Plus Size full stop.

Taking Steps to Improve my Mental Health

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Ask any woman who has lost a baby, at some point they’ll tell you, they have blamed themselves. I’m one of those women. Could I have done this differently? Shouldn’t I have eaten that?

For that reason, I’m working on making sure I’m in a positive place before TTC. It can be a taxing process and I need to prepare myself for the realistic possibility that this will be emotional and possibly difficult on my emotional and mental health.

I’m glad to be back writing again and I really hope that this might be helpful to someone. I know it’s been helpful for me to get my thoughts down on paper (well, online paper I guess haha!)

Until next time 🙂

Kat xx

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