4 Types of Bloggers During Lockdown

I was just on my daily walk mulling over what I’d like to do with my weekend and I thought to myself that I really must do some work on my blog. It got me to thinking, sometimes blog posts are so easy to write and other times it’s so bloody hard. This lockdown situation has brought about unprecedented change in lots of ways. I’ve found myself reading lots more blogs and watching much more YouTube and vlogs. It makes me somewhat grateful for the technology we enjoy in this day and age – it’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s keeping me close to those that matter and it’s also making it impossible to escape horrid news. So today’s post is a tongue in cheek, yet somehow relatable look at the different types of bloggers during lockdown. It’s just a bit of fun but do let me know which type of blogger you are 😋

The Adaptive Blogger

Photo by Plush on Unsplash

I’ve got so much respect for the adaptive blogger. Self motivated, ambitious and brilliant. They’re the bloggers who are brilliantly successful because a little thing like lockdown won’t get in their way! The adaptive blogger is one who changes what they’re doing to keep up the momentum on their blog or social media. A really good example of this is Ashton Jade. Usually, she’s a travel and lifestyle blogger and I live my travel life vicariously through her. Obviously, lockdown means we’re all grounded for the time being but Ashton is using her previous travel experience for new content. I love her idea of virtually climbing famous worldwide monuments. Check her out 🙂

The Productive Blogger

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

This is the person who doesn’t want to stray from their aesthetic or for whatever reason, they can’t blog about their usual things so they use the time to be super productive and plan, plan, plan! These are the type of bloggers that have seemingly slowed down for now but watch out, because they’ll be back with a bang after Covid and their content will be brilliant 🙂 Are you the productive blogger?

The Unmotivated Blogger

I’ll be honest. This is me! Most people have a little bit more time to spare at the moment but cannot find the motivation to write, or even plan to write. I’d love to be one of the other types of bloggers where I can get sh*t done but I’m consumed with lots of work related bits and pieces (I’m determined to get ahead for work!) If you’re in this category like me, there’s no need to be disappointed or upset. There are no rules in lockdown (well, there are but you know what I mean!) and if you’re not feeling up to doing anything, don’t feel pressured to do so.

The Business as Usual Blogger

These are the amazing bloggers for whom lockdown has had no impact on their content (seemingly!) because they’re still smashing it out of the park. For me, the beauty and make up bloggers definitely fall into this category and it’s been keeping me going, seeing all their make up looks and skincare tips. I have a lot of respect for these bloggers who have posted consistently because whether they know it or not, they have provided great distraction from those of us that are a bit anxious.

Bloggers Who Are Keeping me Going…

The brilliant Violet Glenton
The stunning Victoria AKA Doorways and Dresses
The wonderful Lizzie Florence
The beauty that is Jenny Chat

Definitely give these girls a follow and a read! They are keeping me perked right up during these hard times.

I hope you liked my little goofy look at bloggers during lockdown. Obviously, it’s just a bit of fun and hopefully you can identify with it as well! Do let me know which type you are or if I’ve missed anything off!

Until next time! Kat xx

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