March Style Heroes!

I won’t lie! I almost forgot to do this post this month because of everything that’s going on but I’m glad I did, I want to try and be consistent if I can. So here we have it, MARCH STYLE HEROES!

Laura – @lauu_with_love on Instagram

Laura has a bright, whimsical style and whne I saw this, I knew she would make my style heroes list! I love the bright floral design, it’s perfect for spring! The nude belt is gorgeous and shows off her stunning figure!

Holly – @rockonrubyxx on Instagram

This is the first time I’ve ever had a brand on here but I’ve done it for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to congratulate Holly, the owner of Rock on Ruby on creating a gorgeous, positive brand.

The reason why Rock on Ruby (and Holly) has made the style heroes is because right now, what we need is positivity and brightness in our life and Rock on Ruby encompasses that. They are a truly caring brand, who support other creators, businesses and demographics (check out the pride range they did last year!)

Hannah – @hannah_briggs on Instagram

Hannah’s grid is outfit goals! Seriously, there is not an outfit on there that I would not wear and she makes styling look completely effortless. I definitely have style envy! This outfit is just a beautiful example of springwear. This is fitted in all the right places and the ditsy floral design makes it a lovely transition piece! Check her out to see more!

Bodycon Sporty Dress Gifted by PinkClove

Hope you enjoyed these lovely ladies and if you follow them, you’ll see exactly what I mean! ❤️

Unti next time,

Kat xx

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