February Style Heroes

My normal Wednesday post was delayed due to school work but alas, I am back. I didn’t forget and it’s probably one of my favourite posts to write so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. We’re half way through Feb so it’s time for this month’s style heroes.

@Tashaahenson on Instagram

Whether she is doing casual or dressy, Tasha can do no wrong. She just knows how to make everything work together and is especially fantastic at working a vintage look, something I wish I were good at!

She inspired me to get my own jacket like this ❤️ and I am in love with it so thank you very much Tasha. Give her a follow if you’re not already.

@The_rebeccaedit on Instagram

What I love about Rebecca is that her style seems so effortless and that’s every bit the compliment because I think she is just a naturally stylish lass! I mean take this summer dress for instance. Its a gorgeous fit, she clearly knows how to emphasise her features (hello little classy pop of leg) and she keeps it really understated with the accessories. It just all works so well!

This outfit is one of my faves on her grid as its bang on trend, its really wearable (I mean I can see myself buying it!) and she just looks stunning!

@amyloufashion on Instagram

Sheer sleeves seem to be a thing at the moment but I’d never seen them in colour until Amy wore them like this! I love how they’ve been teamed with (what looks like) a mom jean for an everyday look!

And yes, this second picture is still Amy (just a change of hair colour!) What I love about her is her bold choice of colour and styles. She isn’t afraid to try new things and she always looks gorgeous too!

@soph_fleming on Instagram

Casual or smart, this girl can do it all! Firstly, Soph is just stunning and yes, I’m jealous! But we have to celebrate this gorgeous natural beauty 👌😍 we all know how much I appreciate a mustard moment so I had to choose this picture but…

How bloody gorgeous does she look! I love how she plays around with colour and texture too! This sooooo suits her and she must feel a million dollars. I really struggle to wear outfits like this as I don’t feel confident in them. Soph inspires me to give them a shot ❤️

Hopefully, you will agree with me that these ladies are gorgeous and totally deserve to be this month’s style heroes!

Unti next time,

Kat xx

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