Winter/Spring Wardrobe Overhaul 💚

Sometimes you get into a style rut and recently, this has totally been me. I decided I needed a little pick me up and got a few staples I can jazz up and wear for numerous events and occasions. If you want to see what I got, go right ahead…

Black Tiered Dress

I just love this! At the top, it’s a stretchy sweater type material and at the bottom, it is a more sophisticated, hardwearing material. It’s super cute and I can imagine wearing this with heels, boots, converse everything. I’ve styled it with a belt to cinch the waist in and I’ll probably wear a long necklace to set everything off.

Emerald Print Maxi Dress

I keep seeing similar dresses on social media and I am in love with emerald green colours at the moment so this dress just called to me! At this angle, I looks black and white so I took a close up picture so you could really see it.

This dress is super flattering and the close pattern is actually quite slimming.

Mary Jane T Bar Shoes

Gosh I have wanted a pair of these for so long and I just love that they are in a patent finish. They remind me of the kind of shoes I wore to school as a child. I wanted a similar pair of Docs but hopefully these will fill that void!

Boxy Tee

I bought this oversized boxy tee to relax in. You’d think as a larger lady, I wouldn’t like oversized but I really do! It doesn’t make me look any bigger than I am and the fit is so comfortable. I bought it to wear with the next item.

Mustard Paperbag Trousers

You might have noticed I love mustard and this has not changed! These trousers are both stylish and smart whilst allowing me to be an individual! Honestly, they are a tad tight on me at the moment but I’m trying to drop a few pounds so they’ll be more comfortable eventually.

High Neck Jumper Dress

There’s something super 60/70’s about this dress and I am here for it! The arms are lovely and loose. This would look cute with tights and knee high boots or even with my Mary Jane’s! This is a tad clingy but with some shape wear or smoothing underwear, it should look lovely!

And the rest!

Can’t beat Primark for the essentials! I got socks, earrings, a headband and some bobbles but these are fab because they don’t leave that weird kink in your hair!

Hope you like the items! ❤️ Let me know, what is your favourite?

Kat xx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannah Louise Blog says:

    I love the black tiered dress!! Such a versatile products xx


  2. Sarah says:

    Cuteee, I like the high neck jumper dress alot! Keep up the great work writing


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