Eco Fashion: Charity Shop Finds

Charity shopping is just fab, isn’t it! I mean, as a plus woman, I find it a little tricker than most to find stylish stuff but I just adore the unpredictably of it all. You never know what you’ll find and in the process, you’re helping the environment and usually, a charitable cause too! Hurrah.Yesterday, I went into the village of Cottingham, East Yorkshire as I had heard the charity shops were pretty good and its a rather affluent part of the county. I’m not being a snob but I’ve personally found better quality items in more affluent areas. I’ve not done any proper research into it, just my own experience. Without further ado, here is what I found.

ASOS Open Back Sparkle Dress, Oxfam, £6

This dress stood out from the normal charity shop finds as it was just so sparkly! The tag said size 16 so it was a bit hit and miss as to whether it would fit but lo and behold, it was perfect ❤️ this would look ideal with a leather jacket and boots (see my biker style ones here!)I teamed it with a belt too just to cinch the waist in even further but it is elasticated around the waist so you could go without it.

C&A Mens Houndstooth Jacket, Age UK, £4.99

So I reallllly wanted one of these because there is loads of ways you can style it. This one is a mens large and it’s perfect for what I need. The only issue is the 80’s shoulder pads! 😂 If this were a ladies jacket, then the pads would be removable but as it is man’s, they are not! I’ve been likened to Spongebob today which I think is totally wrong but gave me a good laugh nonetheless.What do you think?Anyway, its not a massive haul but it’s defo a start and these pieces can be styled in a unique way. I’ll be adding pictures to my Instagram so feel free to have a look.I hope you like the pieces and I’ll be sure to do this again.

Kat xx

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