Northern Blog Co Meet – Sunday 26th January, Leeds

First of all, I’d like to extend a massive congratulations to Victoria (@doorwaysanddresses) and Paige (@_paigeeliza) on a very successful first event! For me, it was so lovely to FINALLY be able to put faces to names and also to meet new people who, I hope, will become blogging buddies in the future.

Start of the day

As I was the only person travelling from Hull, there was a little trepidation but the gorgeous views and hot chocolate from Costa soon calmed my nerves. I arrived in Leeds 2 hours before the official event start time as I had been talking to some people and I know there were plans for people to meet to take some pictures.

Before the event

I met up with a group of lovely girls starting with Emma (@emma.eva.x)before being joined by Victoria (@victoriacolqpos), Meghan (@meghanbryony) and Rachel (@rachaelhelina) to chat , take some pictures and just really get to know each other.

We took advantage of the fact that Leeds has some lovely places and very instagrammable backdrops. We then met up with even more lovely bloggers before making our way over to Banyan, which is conveniently located opposite Leeds station.

The venue

Obviously, from a location perspective, it was perfect as bloggers travelled from Manchester, Leeds, York, Hull and beyond. What I liked the most was the ambience. It was a gorgeous venue, with some stunning decor but with no pretentiousness, no expectations, just a really relaxed feel. The staff were excellent and could not do enough for us, even letting us pose behind the bar for the perfect photo opp.

During the event

Our gracious hosts, Paige and Victoria had clearly worked hard to organise the day and they had prepared us some ‘organised fun’ where we had to get to know our neighbours, feed back on what we had learnt.

I sat next to Jess (@jessdoesstyle) who was an absolute laugh and a really lovely lass. I have never met anyone as naturally stylish as her. Secondly, we played 2 truths and a lie, which helped up to found out more about our new blogger pals. This was so funny, some of the lies were just so unbelievable. Have a look at mine below. Which one do you think is a lie?

Finally, we were all asked to share our number 1 tip for successful blogging in the hope that we would all be able to take something away with us that would help us to succeed in our online endeavours. My top tip was to go outside of your comfort zone, explaining that it was super nerve wracking for me to come to such an event alone but I wanted to expand my network.

The food

We preordered the food so we knew it would be ready for us all at the same time but there are usually issues when 35 people need feeding, at the same time but completely different meals. Banyan were very well organised, the food was brought out very promptly and it tasted absolutely divine. Check out my meal below!

The goodies!

No one expected any goodies from today but we walked away with a cool pack of things from brands such as MAC, Yorkshire playhouse and Molton Brown! Thank you so much to those brands and also to Banyan for hosting today’s event.


For me, a highlight was meeting Victoria 1 (@doorwaysanddresses) and Victoria w (@victoriacolqpol). Victoria 1 and I have been conversing online for soooo long and we finally got to meet each other today. She knows lots of the Hull bloggers too so we’re planning a get together up my neck of the woods. Secondly, Victoria 2 and I had never personally spoken until today. In fact, for the most part, I’ve been calling her Rachel (I am crap with names!) but I just feel like we connected about a lot of things today and we have the same kind of beliefs. I am certain our paths will cross again.

Hopefully I haven’t missed any important details about today out. It really has been the most fantastic day and I urge you all to check out @northernblogco on Instagram if you are interested in finding out more about blogging in Yorkshire and the north. Please leave me a comment if you were there, I’d love to check out your posts about the day too.

Kat xx

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  1. Such a great event and it was so nice to finally meet you. Can’t wait for my Hull trip. Fab post and looking forward to seeing you again soon xxx


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