Real Talk: Being a Woman is Hard

Hey! Tonights post comes with a warning, it’s about periods and my struggles with them so if that’s gonna gross you out, now is the time to tap out! I won’t take it personally!

OK, let’s get into it. Most girls /ladies have periods so I don’t really get why it’s still discussed in hushed tones but you know me, I’ll talk about anything. So the bottom line is I’m suffering. And I really don’t know why, nor do I know what the answer to my problem is and I’ll elude as to why later.

I started my periods aged 9.5 – as far as I know, the first of my girlfriends to experience this. I remember being in Littlewoods toilets in Bradford (if you don’t remember Littlewoods, you’re probably a wee bairn!) and I really didn’t know what was happening. So here we are 23 years later and I’ll be honest, I thought I’d learnt how to ride the dragon but for the past few months, my monthly visitor is most unwelcome.

Firstly, I get pain for days before. I’m not talking little cramps, I’m talking excruciating stabbing pains. This makes it unreliable to know exactly when the main event will kick off. To top that off, I used to be able to predict to the day when Aunt Flo would come but recently, it’s changed. Finally, the whole “main event” is just awful. It takes over my whole day. I have to plan in toilet trips and visits and what used to be a minor inconvenience is a nightmare.

I personally think endometriosis might be to blame but I’m not a doctor so I could be wrong. I don’t know what the solution is. People say that a form of oral contraception would help me right out but as a person who’ll be TTC (trying to conceive) soon, this isn’t ideal. So I rely on heat patches and painkillers. Not something I want to keep doing for a long time.

It seems like more than a coincidence that this has happened since my miscarriage just over a year ago and its a constant reminder that I’m still not a parent.

My reason for this post and rather graphic story is simple. People get so embarrassed to talk about this kind of thing but this has a profound impact on my life for 5 days a month;doesn’t seem a lot I know but it feels like an eternity for the duration. I would like anyone reading this to know, they’re not alone. It’s completely natural and we should be able to discuss our issues.

Kat xx

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