January Style Heroes

I’m so sorry for the radio silence! I’ve just been so busy being back at work and trying to balance a home life as well. I really like producing the style hero posts so here is January’s edition featuring some very sassy ladies! Hope you enjoy ❤️

Justkirstymarie on Insta

First of all, can we just appreciate how gorgeous this woman is. I am just in love with her fashion picks including this pleather/leather pleated skirt and beret look. Kirsty’s looks are so well put together and her location shots are unreal too. Just look at this one from what looks like Regent Street 😍

You really ought to be following her on Instagram for more style inspo!

Momentary State on Insta

How beautiful is this lovely lady! I love the patterned dress, accessories to complement and boots to give the whole look an extra pinch of sass. I also loved some of her head wear too. As you all know I love a floral crown and this is stunning…

_co_co_cx on Insta

This amazing lady’s grid is filled with gorgeous, wearable looks with amazing accessories (yes, I’m very jealous about how well you can pull off a hat). You have such an amazing shape and your belt game is strong, showing a waist that’s cinched to the gods! One of my new fave accounts on Instagram 😍

Emlehh_ootd on Instagram

Yes girl! You are living my style dreams! You are wearing the outfits I could only dream of wearing and you are slaying. I am living for this neon zebra dress with contrast piping 💌 you make such bold fashion choices and THEY WORK! What I love is that Emlehh can also work toned down and make it look super cool too!

Be sure to check our all of these lovelies on Instagram! If you wish to be featured, I don’t see a huge variety of accounts on Instagram due to the algorithm so direct me to you!

Until next time!

Kat xx

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