Dealing with Stress

The first Wednesday of each November is Stress Awareness day – how funny that I wasn’t actually aware of this! Even thought the date has passed, I want to talk about stress and how I have personally dealt with it in the past. Everybody deals with things differently so these aren’t sure fire tips but I do hope they help you!

Writing things down

I know it seems boring and maybe a a tad old school but when I’m stressed, I need a notebook and a pen, STAT! Sometimes when I’m stressed, I can’t sleep and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Writing my thoughts, ideas or anything else of note in a notebook helps me to set the points aside and focus on relaxing and going to sleep.

Listening to white noise

Crazy? Perhaps but I’ve personally found that listening to white noise on YouTube or BBC Sounds is super relaxing. I find being silent doesn’t work for me as I’m still very much in my own head but the white noise proves as a welcome distraction.


This appeared in my other post about Instantaneously Boosting Your Mental Health BUT it totally helps! The sweet hit makes me feel happier and those endorphins are a natural mood enhancer!

Listening to/singing along to music

Credit: Katie Pugh Hull Daily Mail

Do you remember that scene in The Holiday where Cameron Diaz where she’s belting out The Killers ‘Mr Brightside’ – DO IT! DO IT! Get your guilty pleasure songs on the TV/radio etc and go for it! Yeah, you may not be Celine Dion but again, the rush of Endorphins will lift your mood! If you don’t want to sing, just listening to your faves will chill you right out!

Avoid alcohol

Right, this has been added in because traditionally, people tend to do the exact opposite and have a drink to relieve their stress. The occasional drink might help I guess but actually, if you have too much, it will have the adverse effect. It’s just a temporary measure – short term it may make you feel better but the next morning, you’ll pay the price when you have a stinking hangover.

I’d love to hear your tips for destressing! Obviously, there are more than 5 but these are certainly the main ones that help me 🙂 drop me a comment with your ideas!

Kat xx