Lush Fireball Bath Bomb!

A short and sweet extra post from me tonight as it’s Bonfire night and I think that this post fits really well with that!

Introducing the Lush Fireball Bath Bomb…

Imagine, you’ve just walked into Lish. You’re overcome with absolutely all of the scents and beautiful fragrances. Walking over to the bath bombs and boom 💥 you see this one!

It looks like a fireball, so it’s totally Bonfire appropriate but more importantly, it smells divine! A mix of cinnamon, mustard powder and almond oil completely fill your senses and relax you!

The way it fizzled out, popped and cracked as it began to work amazed me. Popping myself into the bath, it was just soooooo beautifully calming and much needed after a long day!

I highly recommend trying this one out of you want to experience that warm, cosy feeling inside and out!

Kat xx

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