A day in the life of a style and beauty blogger

Happy half term folks! I must say, this post reflects the days that I have during holidays. Usually, I’m working so I have to really cut back on blog related work but I’ve been able to do a little more this week. With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you what we do to create fabulous content ❤️ hope you enjoy reading it!

8.30am – Wake up and Make Up

Today is a ‘shooting’ day which means I’ll be meeting other bloggers to create content for our media streams and blogs. With this in mind, I wake up early to put my face on because I’m not a fan of my bare face!

Once I’m done, I have to choose my shooting outfits. You might think ‘how hard is that?’ but sometimes you have a certain look or colour scheme to keep to or an outfit that you need to shoot if you’re working with a brand. For example, today I changed my outfit 3 times, culminating in this cute outfit.

10.00am – Check and reply to emails

Some bloggers like to work with brands, for various reasons. However, it’s not always the case that the brand approaches the person. Sometimes, the blogger has to approach the brand. For me, I’m really selective about who I contact and before I do, I make sure I have an idea about how our working together would be beneficial for both parties so I spend some time now replying to and sending emails.

12.30pm – Shooting Time

It’s shooting time and I’ve met my blogger pal, Jenny. We both have ideas in our minds about what we’d like to achieve today and have picked our outfits and locations to suit that! Here is where the magic happens!

We spend time shooting pictures – for the blogger being photographed, there’s a lot of funny poses, awkward moments where cars come by and beep you/stare at you/observe from a distance. For the photographer, there is lots of standing about, finding the right light, taking lots of snaps so there are plenty of options.

Sounds easy right? It’s not for the faint hearted! You need to be secure and confident to get in front of a camera anyway but add in bad weather, members of the public, outfit changes and inconsiderate sunlight and it can become quite a task. For example, this outfit changed happened in the middle of an industrial estate. Luckily, very empty 😂

2pm – Blogger Food

Yes, even the food is an occasion. No, obviously if it didn’t look good, I wouldn’t take a picture of it but it’s hungry work getting content! It’s also a time for you and your blogger pals to sit and have a look at the pictures and decide on how they will be used, if they cover all of your needs and what else is needed if not.

5pm – Time to write a blog post

It’s post day and you need to write your latest post! Do the words roll off your tongue and straight into the blog? NO. Of course not. I always think I sound super simple so I probably overthink what I’m writing half of the time! I’ve learnt recently to stay true to myself when I write, whether I sound simple or not. Blog posts consist of the written element, media such as pictures and the proof reading process at the end.

7pm – Post to Insta

Consistency is super important when posting to Instagram and it’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog. I really love it – I can link my caption to my blog post 🙂

7.00pm onwards – Engaging with people on social media

People have taken the time to communicate with you, it’s only fair that you return the love and support others in your position. Blogging and the related components are an art form and ought to be recognised.

So I hope this helps you to understand everything that goes into being a blogger. I love it and is totally worth the time it takes 🙂

I’ve met a lot of new people through it and had a lot of opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. A big shout out to the HEY Bloggers, a local blogging community who have helped me to hone my skills and are constantly reaching out to others.

If you have any questions about blogging, please leave me a comment below 🙂

Kat xx

5 Comments Add yours

  1. msbellebonbon says:

    Cute outfits!


  2. I love the outfits! It must be so nice having an in-person blogger friend to help you out!

    Thanks for posting! – Kenna (lifeoflilyblog.com)


    1. Kat On Beauty says:

      It really is so useful and she’s fantastic 🙂


  3. Gemma says:

    Love the pics & a really nice read….I feel inspired to be honest lovely! Hope you have a fab week! 😀✌💖🌟


    1. Kat On Beauty says:

      Thank you! That’s so lovely of you xx


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