Second Hand Style and Sustainable Fashion

As a plus size gal, it’s difficult enough finding well fitting, flattering clothes in fashion outlets anyway, though admittedly it is getting better!

Today I explored the charity shops of Beverley, East Yorkshire to see what I could find. I chose Beverley because they have a fair few designer shops so I figured I may get some designer bargains. I’ve been totally inspired by Alice Ann and Hollie who are thrifting experts!

I’m always amazed to see what Alice has found in her charity shop raids! Likewise, Hollie finds lots of amazing pieces and she is well known for thrifting in the blogging community.

Have a look at what I purchased today!

From the Cancer Research Shop, I bagged this absolute bargain. It’s a Per Una (M&S) dress and the moment I saw it, I could see its potential! It’s flattering, fits beautifully and embodies the dark autumnal colours all over the shops at the moment.

I can see me wearing this for work as a day to night outfit, popping out for drinks with the girls or a trip to the theatre.

The second item I got was from the YMCA charity shop and I loved the colours from the moment I saw it!

The bargain price of £2.50 made it impossible to leave behind. It is a larger size than I am but I’m willing to take it in.

How cute is this? Those emerald tones fit perfectly with the florals! I can’t wait to style these up and get some pictures up on the grid.

I also purchased a bag for the grand total of £2 from the Cancer Research Shop but I’m yet to get a picture of it! I’ve found one that looks incredibly similar – see below!

I think I’d definitely like to buy more second hand but perhaps branch out into buying from Facebook Marketplace or Depop because I found that lots of the 16+ pieces were more old fashioned. I’ll certainly keep checking back. Do you buy second hand? Let me know what amazing bargains you have found!

Finally, I’ve just hit 2k followers on Instagram and I wanted to say a massive thank you 🙂

Until next time!

Kat xx

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