Why Instagrammers Love Autumn

Hiiiiieeee πŸ‘‹

I’ve been struggling with content inspiration. Writing a blog is like any creative process, sometimes you go through ‘dry streaks’ as it were and that’s what’s happened to me. I don’t want to bring something to the blog that is half arsed or that I’m unhappy with! ✌🏻

That said, I just love autumn so much! It is arguably the best of all the seasons and I’ll go into why as we delve into the post! This is a tongue in cheek look at why instagrammers love Autumn!

Autumn weather calls for the cosiest of clothing πŸ‚

Ft Violet Glenton, Amy Eade, Hannah Jane Williams, Mollie Quirk and YoursChloe

Autumn fashion is arguably the best! It’s time to bring the time honoured knitwear out, not the mention the layering and styling with transitional pieces! The picture above shows some of my favourite outfits over the past week or so on Insta. These ladies ooze style.

This season rust, ecru and browns are making a comeback as well as deep plums and emerald green. Texture is also super popular – I’m seeing a lot of corduroy trousers, skirts and pinafores, traditional knitted sweaters and ribbed jumpers and tops. Totally instagrammable right?

Fallen leaves make the perfect prop!

They appear to be the perfect prop so you’ll find them all over! On the floor, in the background, on your hair! It’s not quite as dangerous for those of us with hay fever in autumn either πŸ˜‚ my buddy Violet is the master of leaf throwing pics and I real think I need some lessons!

Flatlays are beverage based

My case and point! I NEVER have hot drinks but the moment it’s autumn, it’s hot drink central! They make superb props too! I think the moment the pumpkin spiced lattes make an appearance on the menu, that’s the cue for them to appear on the grid!

The Obligatory Pumpkin Post

Because instagrammers and bloggers ALWAYS have vegetables in their pics, don’t they? Yet, the moment October hits, we are swanning around looking for a pumpkin patch to create our Halloween content! πŸ˜‚ I feel like going to a carrot patch for my next set of pictures! ✌🏻😁

Honestly, it’s all fun and games! I love looking at everyone’s themes and getting inspired by them! Let me know who your favourite bloggers and influencers are. We’re a big community and we need to support each other!

Kat xx

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