My Style Heroes – October 2019

Everyone knows I love clothes, fashion, make up. I’m the ultimate girlie girl! I spend a good amount of time on social media connecting with other bloggers, beauty lovers and fashionistas so I decided that once a month I’d love to do a round up of my total fashion heroes on the blog in the hope, you’d be influenced and inspired too. Let’s jump right in…

Daisy – FFSdais on Insta

This girl is undeniably cool! A plus size girl herself, she takes the style rules and throws them right out of the window with her ambitious fashion choices and I must say, the risks certainly pay off. Daisy is living her most stylish life and I am HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT! 👏 She even does simple layering beautifully! Bravissimo! ❤️

Jenny – Jenny Chat blog and here on Instagram

This blogging beaut has become a good friend over the past year and it’ll come as no surprise if you’re a regular here that I absolutely love her divine style. Like me, her views on leopard print are that it’s good in every possible way! Such a natural beauty with such an incredible sense of style. I urge you to read her blog too – she writes with such a sense of humour. I felt like I knew her after one post.

T – T Bags World on Insta

I’m a little bit ashamed to say this but … I don’t know her real name! That’s so common in the social media and blogging world but I have spoken to T numerous times so I feel it’s probably quite rude of my not to know her actual name 😵.

Anyway, just look at her. This picture sells it all. A bright and beautiful influencer, T takes colour and shoves it right in your face in only the best way possible. She is so elegant with her style choices and yet, she is totally accessible and relatable. You girl, are an ENIGMA! I dig ya 😘

Victoria – Doorways and Dresses on Insta and Here for her amazing blog

The queen has arrived! Victoria is the queen of layering, boho chic and oversized styling. She is 💯 percent my style icon. Obviously we have very different shapes but I love how she takes simple outfits and styles them with such class and ease – the sign of a true fashionista! May I add that she is hella supportive when it comes to anything on my Insta. I recommend you drop by her blog at the moment too as she is partaking in Blogtober, where one would blog each day about something different. I am HOOKED!

I hope you enjoyed my little rundown of stylish sisters! I’m always looking for new inspo so comment below if there is someone I should be following!

Kat xx

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