Feed Your Face: The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask

Hey! As it’s getting colder, I find myself reaching for my skincare more and more as the weather is sooo harsh on my skin. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share my thought about my fave (or maybe not so fave) face masks, in the hope it will help you guys! Disclaimer: you’ll see lots of rather unattractive pictures of me now! You’ve been warned!

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask

If we were to comment on how this looks, I’d have to say disgusting 😂 it truly looks gross but maybe that’s the key to its magic!

This little pot of magic is absolutely amazing. It sits beautifully on my face while the tea tree oil gives my skin a little tingle! This is a glow mask so it really works on revitalising your skin and the green tea leaves and tea tree oil help to do that!

I usually apply this in the bath as it needs to be left for around 10 minutes. Sometimes this is longer but it just depends.

It feels icky (if that’s even a word) as it goes on but it’s lovely and thick and you can certainly feel the quality. The smell is lovely and not at all overpowering. It feels truly luxurious!

It’s the perfect mask to prepare you for a day of no make up or a face of it. For example, look at the picture below! Just tinted moisturiser (for the spf) and mascara and a bit on the lips! It helps the make up glide on!

At £17 (I think! I actually won mine) some people may feel it’s a little steep and I’d usually be inclined to agree but I feel that if you use a brush to apply it, you won’t use as much and it will go a long way. I know mine certainly has. I’d defo recommend this as a treat if you don’t have that kinda spare cash for face masks!

Next week, there will be another mask reviewed and even more super attractive pics of yours truly 😂 which face mask do you swear by?

Kat xx

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