Hull’s BeYOUty Exhibition at Bonus Arena

Hey beauty lovers! Hope you’re all well and enjoying another autumnal weekend! Yesterday, I attended an event at the Bonus Arena in Hull. In the first of its kind, they played host to a beauty exhibition. As a beauty aficionado, I was stoked and booked my tickets months ago!

I didn’t know what to expect but a few days previously, I received an email about the exhibitors and who might be there! This piqued my excitement even more! My favourites from Fenty at Boots, Tessies, 19 point 4 and New Look we’re going to be there! Not only would I be able to pick the brains of the beauty community but there was to be some fashion too!

The day started at 10am but I decided to get there for 11am so that I could experience the event in full swing. I was anticipating something really energetic and exciting.

As I entered, music played courtesy of Viking FM, giving the event a lively feel. However, as I entered the main arena, I was met with stony deadness. It was apparent from the off that some of the exhibitors hadn’t turned up. No problem I thought – I’ll make the most of what’s here!

Firstly, I saw the guys at Beauty Outlet from Princes Quay. They had loads of cosmetics of different prices points and quality! They had the ABH Subculture palette going for the bargain price of £30 and a lovely Morphe 35H palette for £20 which I did buy! The girls who worked there were lovely and a fella gave me a load of free stuff as well. I won’t lie – I got a body foam (which he told me was fake tan), a tanning mitt which is now useless as I don’t have the fake tan, a perfume set that does not smell particularly nice and an aftershave, which I find useless as a woman. Luckily there are men in my life that would probably use it. Merry Christmas Dad 😉

So to summarise – staff ✅ palette ✅ freebies 💩 and you’re probably thinking how ungrateful but the guy on the stall span it like I was getting an amazing deal. Anyway, some charity will benefit so it’s not all bad.

As I walked around, I was surprised and actually appalled by how many stands practically ignored me. Lots of stands didn’t even acknowledge I was there and were too busy on their phones, which is a shame when I’d saved some money to treat myself. I can safely tell you they did not get it. One stand, which will remain nameless, ignored all the plain looking girls like me and approached all of the ‘beautiful’ girls. It was disgusting and borderline discriminatory.

I had a lovely chat with Nicola from Tessies, and I’d have bought something if I had brought cash with me. I did wear my gorgeous Tessies dress for the occasion and felt amazing!

I also really enjoyed speaking to the girls from Bon Marche about how they are trying to appeal to the next generation and I think they have to potential to do this if they continue to ensure they go to events such as this!

Fenty dropped out 😫 and as gutted as I was, Alicia who is the Boots Beauty Manager had the lovelies from Benefit come along. I don’t use Benefit anymore due to their stance on animal testing and selling in China but I couldn’t fault the advice they were giving people.

I spent some time with the huns from No7 at boots and I was colour matched for my foundation by them. I was pleasantly surprised to find I’m not as pale as I thought I was! Alison and Sarah were so lovely and they have booked me in for a proper instore consultation soon!

The foundation they tested on me felt beautiful but I found that it was quite oily on me and I don’t have oily skin. In saying that, it wasn’t set with anything so I will use the sample I’m given and use it with some powder to see if it had any longevity.

I spoke to some of my friends and fellow bloggers to get their thoughts about the event.

Jess from Dollshouse said…

I really loved seeing and talking to the local businesses! The c ity has some amazing and creative businesses and I think this needs celebrating more. It was good to also see national brands who had taken the time to exhibit. I enjoyed listening to the professionals on stage, I managed to catch Cally from Love Island talking about her brands and giving people beauty tips. It was also fab to watch and listen to a MUA who was giving tips and tricks to the audience. I also spoke to a local beauty training academy and it’s given me food for thought about the industry. I’d like to see the event happen again but think it could be promoted a lot more and made even better as I’m sure there’s so many other local businesses I’m yet to discover!

Here are my final thoughts…


  1. Some friendly local brands attended.
  2. Knowledgeable staff
  3. A good mix of fashion, beauty and training.
  4. A mix of high street and indie brands

Things to consider for next time

  1. Better advertising – few people knew.
  2. Be clear about the card/cash situation. They could have made a lot more money if this was transparent.
  3. Have a back up for missing exhibitors – there were long periods of little happening.
  4. Have panels/interviews/advice areas. This would give it more of a focus. Having it so spread out and having so few exhibitors meant that people wouldn’t hang around for it.

I’ve been thinking about it and the exhibitors should have been around the perimeter, with different beauty demonstrations happening in the middle, with staggered timing so people could see everything. The catwalk idea was great but with no seats, it was uninviting. Give it the gravitas and profile it deserves!

I am hoping that something like this is organised again and I hope the organisers heed the feedback they are given because it has so much potential but unfortunately this time it was quite disappointing.

Kat xx

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