Tessies Totally Awesome Autumn Launch 🍂

You guys know I love Tessies and I was over the moon to be able to attend their launch as well as get some dollar off their clothes 🙂

Not one to shy away from awesome visual merchandising, the Autumn launch was no different. Nicola has gone all out with the fall/Hull Fair vibes – very topical!

One of the first things I noticed was the free fizz, which I couldn’t take advantage of unfortunately as I was driving! Still, it’s such a lovely touch and a great way to welcome people. The store was abuzz about the new pieces which I’ll discuss really soon!

I was super excited because I know that Tessies have been working hard on expanding their range for plus/curve ladies as well as those who are breastfeeding. They have a new tagging system so that the pieces that are suitable for those groups of people are easily identifiable.

In typical autumnal style, you’d expect to see rusty oranges, reds and burgundies. They really are made for this season. Additionally, there was a great range of metallic threaded pieces totally ready for that Christmas do. The burgundies and emerald green pieces were gorgeous additions to the autumn winter range. Deep colours are defo some of my favourites.

As always, Tessies range of accessories was bang on as always! I love the small touches they make to their displays. Everything is so quirky and cool! 🙂

I bought a gorgeous dress on the night which I’m sure you’ll see on here at some point! Head on down to Tessies on Humber St soon!

Kat xx

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