Panic Attacks and Me

Hey 👋 how are we all doing? I have been back and forth trying to decide whether to publish this post or not but if it helps someone in the future then it will have been worth it.

What is a panic attack?

From my experience, a panic attack can present itself as a series of physiological symptoms. Personally, I’ve experienced rapid pulse, chest pain, jaw pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, excessive sweating/urinating/💩, a sense of depersonalisation and impending doom. In short, at its worst, you feel as though you’re actually dying.

A few weeks ago, I ended up at the hospital having had a panic attack. It wasn’t my first panic attack by any means but some are worse than others.

It’s difficult to articulate but unless you’ve had one, you don’t really understand the nature of them. Sometimes, it’s hard to even pinpoint the cause. I can go a really long time without one and then have a very big one.

Ways to Cope

  • Walking – not only a great way to keep fit but being out in the wide open world is a great way for you to feel grounded.
  • Colouring in – that sense of distraction is important.
  • Singing – I personally find this helps to regulate my breathing.
  • Grounding techniques – this is a way we recognise our environment to help us feel more in control. Zone into a set number of sounds, visual different things.
  • Positive affirmations – it’s important to tell yourself “I will be ok, this cannot hurt me, I am safe.”
Finally, I just want to say anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. My door is always open if you need anything at all. I really hope this helps you in some way.

Kat xx

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  1. Victoria says:

    Love this post so much and thanks so much for writing it. I have suffered with panic attacks before and it’s the worst feeling ever. I find counting to 10 and taking in deep breaths in a quiet place tends to help me. xxxx


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