Beauty Tips to Keep our Planet Beautiful ❤️

Hello lovelies!

This post was totally inspired by a colleague of mine, Lexi! She has very kindly let me interview her and has agreed to have pictures and comments shared in this post 🙂

As we often share a journey to work, we have loads to talk about but Lexi is such a natural beauty, the conversation often turns to what she uses to keep herself looking THAT fly. Turns out, my girl is a zero waste, plastic free princess so I turned to her to find out more about it.

Hey Lexi! Tell me all about your zero waste philosophy.

I would say I am not a perfect example of zero waste because I still use some plastic products but I have tried to eliminate plastic where I can and I’m always trying to improve because there is no ideal way, really.”

What made you decide to ditch the plastic products?

I watched a video where a woman did it for 30 days and it looked really achievable and it made an impact. After that, I read the book ‘zero waste home’ by Bea Johnson which gave me loads do really good ideas of how to implement this in my everyday life.

Are there any brands of product that you recommend for anyone wanting to try this themselves?

I’d say Lush is a really good one as it’s accessible for most people, although some find it expensive. There is a brilliant range of products available.

Which things have you doing the hardest to replace with a more sustainable option?

Toothpaste is definitely one and mascara definitely. I made my own mascara before which did work but it smudged and didn’t have the longevity I needed. It was very labour intensive to make. Most people don’t know how easy it is to make most home made cosmetics. You don’t need a lab in your house.

Lexi and I have gone to see Bianca Del Rio tonight and Lexi, in true planet saving style, is wearing fully sustainable outfit (underwear not included!) where the contents have been purchased from a charity shop or given second hand! Look how stylish she is!

Finally, here are Lexi’s top tips for sustainable style

  • Start with small achievable steps. You’ll be surprised what you can do with a small swap.
  • Don’t strive for perfection – any small step is better than nothing.
  • Try making something homemade – as well as being great for the planet, it’s good for your wallet and it’s great fun!
  • The first thing you can do is to stop buying and consuming in the way we do at the moment. You’ll notice a difference if you only buy what’s essential.

What are your top planet saving tips? We would love to know!

Until next time … Kat and Lexi! Xx

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