Outfit Round Up – September

I don’t like to repeat myself if I can help it but I did a similar post last September! Little did I know I was pregnant at the time and I looked sooo washed out! I thought I’d recreate it as I loved shooting and writing the post and sharing my passion for fashion with you all! (yep, I said it, cheesy I know!)

Massive thanks need to be extended to Lizzie Florence , a fellow teacher and blogger as she aided me in shooting some of the pictures!

Autumnal Coziness

Jumper, £6 and Skirt, £8, Primark

There are two surefire signs of Autumn for me. Number one is that jumpers are suddenly EVERYWHERE and number two is the sheer abundance of dark, deep colours that appear in many shops. If you see burgundy, rust or emerald green then you have officially reached 🍂🍂.

Timeless Embroidery

This piece is just stunning – the F&F embroidered smock dress. If you care to go tight less, this dress will take you through all seasons but I love nothing better than pairing it up with a pair of thick cotton tights and ankle boots ready for those cooler autumn days.

Leopard Print is still a thing…

This incredible jumper is a great transitional piece – obviously I’m DIGGING the leopard and the simplicity of the year. You can find and customise your own at Rock on Ruby. They have many colours of tee/jumper and fonts too, meaning you can make something truly unique.

Mom Jeans 👖

I needed to include these! My New Look beauties are going to feature heavily in my autumn wardrobe. They are made of lovely, thick denim and in summer, it’s not been possible to wear them because they just get too hot. For the ultimate in comfort, these mom jeans go with anything.

I love doing fashion posts like this, though I often doubt my own style. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ll be wearing this Autumn.

Kat xx

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