5 Things That Instantaneously Boost Your Mental Health and Well-being

(Disclaimer: The following things are all based on opinion and experience – I’m a not a trained MH professional.)

Tonight, you get a bonus post! I felt this maybe wasn’t much of a main post kinda thing so I’ve uploaded it now! Anyway, hope some of my tips help you!

1. Watching reruns of Friends (or something you love equally!)

Pic Credit: Liam McLeod on Unsplash

There is nothing better than popping your favourite TV programme on and chuckling along! Yes you’ve seen it 1000 times but there’s a reason it’s your favourite. For me, friends is just timeless!

2. Chocolate!

Picture credit: Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

I’m not just saying chocolate because I’m addicted but it is scientifically, apparently meant to make you happier! I know it helps me greatly but a 1996 study conducted in America showed that stresses could be decreased by eating chocolate as it raised levels of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are generally responsible for natural pain relief.

3. Exercise

Gosh, I’ll be the first person to admit that when my MH is not in a good way, the last thing I want to do is work out BUT exercise has personally proven very effective when I have felt 💩. If I’m stressed or there is a lot whirring around my head, an hour in a Clubbercise class sorts me right out.

Let’s talk science again – it’s those brilliant endorphins coming back and making you feel good when you’re working out! Exercise is also believed to help produce the chemical serotonin, which aids happiness and can be powerful against depression.

4. Smiling and laughing

This might seem totally obvious but we all know laughter is contagious as so are smiles! Pass a smile on, they’re sure to smile back and you can increase everyone else MH with your act of kindness too.

5. Spending time outdoors

The great outdoors – maybe not the best option when all you want to do is laze about but being outside has many benefits.

Fresh air is very important to our all round health whilst the temperature seemingly plays a part in our happiness.

According to the American Meteorological Soxiety (2011), an average temperature of 13.9 degrees maximises our happiness and luckily for us, in the UK, that temperature is pretty easy to achieve most of the year around, bar Winter.

One final thing

I’ve personally found going out of my comfort zone to be very liberating and it really does help my MH. This obviously comes with a bit of a disclaimer because of things go wrong, it may have the opposite effect depending on your personality. I found go karting around my local shopping mall to be an absolute laugh and I was beaming all day. It was out of my comfort zone because there were strangers everywhere, you can see my fat rolls and I’m unfit so I just thought I’d embarrass myself!

Well, you learn something new everyday don’t you! These things surely make me feel better when I’m a tad down in the dumps. What makes you feel better? I’d love to hear your thoughts 💭

Kat xx

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Woww, I really like posts that brings me positive vibes! I like your post and your ideas! I like spending time outdoors and smiling as much as I can! Thank you for sharing! ❤️


  2. Kelsea Cole says:

    Love this post! I definitely use chocolate and exercise to boost my mood, but pushing myself out of my comfort zone has also proven to be quite healthy for me as well.


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