Bounce Your Troubles Away!

This post features Rebound Trampoline Park but is no way associated with or sponsored by them.

If you know me personally, you’ll know I’m trying super hard to get fitter. I say this whilst shovelling a day old Dominoes pizza down my neck 😂 but I digress.

My fitness goals are super simple – lose enough weight so that my BMI allows me to be a lower risk patient during my next pregnancy. Being told I had to have extra monitoring, appointments and may not have a choice in the type of birth I would have was not very nice. The midwives were lovely but I really do want this to be something within my control.

I participated in trampolining at secondary school and also at uni very briefly but honestly, I was always too worried about how I looked to other people. There is an age old quote…

Life is something that passes you by as you worry about what others think of you…

So I decided recently to take up something called Bouncercise with some lovely ladies I know.

It combines high intensity cardio workouts with strength and core building. The sessions are 1hr; 45 minutes of this is the Bouncercise session and the last 15 minutes is ‘free bouncing’ where you can do what you like!

There are a (more than a) few reasons I really recommend this…

  • It gets your heart racing and your blood pumping and that can never be a bad thing!
  • You’re getting an all round work out, allowing you to burn fat and tone muscle.
  • You can burn some serious calories 🔥
  • It’s an absolute laugh – from the wobbly knees to dodgy positions you end up in, it’s the most fun you can have whilst exercising!
  • We exercise to music, keeping us happy and motivated.

And the best reason of all…

The awesome boomerang you can get!

I’ve personally found that this workout has helped me to feel more energised, sleep better and my mental health is great at the minute because I’m taking time for me.

If you’re interested, you should see if there are trampolining sessions and clubs in your area!

Hope you feel inspired to try something new!

Kat xx

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