Hull – Expect the Unexpected!

This post is in collaboration with the University of Hull and I have been paid a fee. However, I completed both my under and postgraduate study at the University and all opinions are my own.

So, Hull! That little place in the arse end of Yorkshire. You’ve probably heard some stuff about Hull, you have possibly seen us appear on the most recent version of “Crap Towns.” I have several problems with this. First of all, we’re not a town so 🤷‍♀️ and secondly, as a “Wessie” myself (the loving East Yorkshire nickname for a person from West Yorkshire), I can tell you, Hull is special. There is a definite magnetism and once you come, you never forget your time here! I personally have lived here for 9 years, having moved here to attend Hull University and I haven’t left. Keep reading to see why…

It seems like just yesterday when I became a “mature” student – aged 22, ready to FINALLY go to university and I’ll be honest, Hull was not my first choice initially. I wanted to fly the nest and get as far away from my hometown of Bradford as possible. My choices of university reflected this and Hull was my security blanket. I was accepted onto all of my university options except Cambridge (their loss though, right?) but a visit to the University of Hull absolutely sold me.

The campus is one of the most beautiful I had visited, with lots of beautiful green spots instead of the concrete jungles I’d seen at other institutions. Knowing that the University of Hull was a ‘Red Brick’ institution was important to me as I knew my degree would be recognised and respected by employers. Visit the Uni and see for yourself!

I can’t speak for everyone but I loved my course and I took part in loads of events within the student union – I highly urge you to get involved with your union. There are so many societies, voluntary projects and sports teams you can be a part of! For me, I took part in voluntary projects and the experience I gained has led to many different job offers since I left university.

After leaving university, I stayed in Hull and I have absolutely no intention of leaving because, despite its bad rap, there are so many amazing places in and around Hull.

If you like music and culture, then you’re in the right place! Hull was the City of Culture 2017 and is home to many amazing festivals! Pride in Hull is one of the many LWBT+ Pride events in the UK and as well as attracting massive names to headline (err, hello Alaska 5000 and Adore Delano), it united over 15,000 people.

For this music aficionado, Humber Street Sesh is an annual event where all of the AMAZING local music acts get to showcase their talent. Taking place on the Marina, it’s is the perfect Summer day out and at £15 for a weekend ticket, it’s ridiculously good value for money!

Other amazing places that make Hull the place to be include Hull’s old town – steeped in history and full of traditional pubs and real ale! If you like independent shops, tasty food and stunning views, you need to visit Humber Street and Trinity Market.

I could go on and on but I’d be here all day but honestly, if you’re looking for a friendly place with traditional values but modern facilities, Hull is the place to be!

Kat x

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  1. Tricia says:

    What a l9vely review I’m at Hull uni at the moment and have to agree with you the place is amazing. Making everyone who goes there feel special in some way or another


    1. Kat On Beauty says:

      Thank you for your reply! It’s a special place to be 🙂 xx


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