The Roaring Girls Present Beach Body Ready ❤️

In May, Jen Gilmour, one of my blogger buddies, invited me to come see Beach Body Ready at Hull Truck Theatre. This won’t be written like a review as the ladies are hoping to take this show to Edinburgh Fringe but I will discuss the basic premise and how it was relatable.

Beach Body Ready is a relaxed and semi improvised show dealing with body issues and the pressures that one has to look a certain way. As a plus sized lady myself, I already knew they would touch on some of my insecurities before I even saw it.

The girls discussed their flaws, opened their hearts and poured them out and basically made the audience understand how their bodies have caused them no end of grief.

In the same breath, they showed each other that they love their bodies for being their ‘vessels’ as it were, appreciating all of their perceived flaws and showing solidarity with each other! It really was an emotional rollercoaster and had tickets been available, I’d have returned to see it again that night.

I felt empowered to love my body after seeing this. I felt like I related to the characters in different ways – some of their negative experiences, such as the ‘pull a pig’ competition rang way too true for me. However, what the show really taught me is that we’re all Beach Body Ready and the problems aren’t with ourselves. It’s with society. So from now on, people can call me whatever they want because A) I love myself and B) Not only is it no one else business but it’s also their problem, not mine to correct. As Keala Settle once said, THIS IS ME!

Massive thanks to Jen for the invite ❤️ Catch the BBR girls if you can on 13th July (I think the tickets are sold out but I urge you to try!)

Kat x

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