Napoleon’s Dine In Style

I am so excited to write this blog post I actually think I might burst!

Last week I was kindly invited to experience the dining in style package at Napoleons Casino with the HEY blogger girls. I hadn’t been to a casino in years and the last time I did go was in Bradford and all that was available was bar food and pints on draught. Not the most glamorous of experiences.

So we enter Napoleons in Hull and like the sad person that I am the first place I checked out the bathroom facilities and I was not disappointed. They had some huge mirrors and awesome lights. As I was going to be photographing a lot that night, I was pleased to see this because I needed lots of good quality pictures!

We headed upstairs and we’re promptly seated. Firstly, we were offered drinks and they have a great range of beers, wines and spirits. The other girls were particularly impressed with the range of gins on offer. As I don’t drink gin myself, I had a beautiful vodka cranberry. There really was something for everybody, and the drinks looked aesthetic pleasing too.

Next we went to our table ready to order food. What was particularly impressive was that for the price, you get three courses, each of which an excellent size and there is also so much variety on the menu, it is truly difficult to know what to pick!

For my starter I chose the Florida cocktail, which is basically a fruit cocktail with a syrup jus. It was absolutely beautiful! Such a simple concept and yet so well executed. Who knew that fruit could fill you up that much?!

Everybody’s maincourse looked amazing 😉 I personally chose a chicken breast from the grill as I knew that with my fussy taste this would be something I could get on with no matter what. Next time I go I will definitely be more adventurous as the main dishes just looked sublime! The meals came with a choice of vegetables too making it a healthy choice as well!

Finally, dessert time! As with the rest of the menu, I was absolutely spoiled for choice. However, the millionaire shortbread with frozen yoghurt was a no-brainer for me as I love frozen yoghurt and chocolate and caramel… I could go on but you get the picture! This was rich but the portion size was just perfect.

After that a croupier showed us how to play some of the games on the gaming floor. We were treated like royalty as we had been all night and as part of the package everybody got a 5 pound betting chip. I personally enjoyed playing blackjack although I did try roulette as well but I felt that I had more control over the outcome of blackjack and those of you that know me, know that I’m a control freak!

Most of all, the company I kept that night was the best. The girls from the hair bloggers team are some of the nicest, funniest and most genuine people I’ve ever met and I really did feel honoured that they had considered me for this experience so thank you very much! I’d also like to thank Napoleons in Hull because this was by far, one of the best nights out I’ve had in the nine years I’ve lived in Hull and I certainly will return!

Have you ever visited a Napoleons Casino? Let me know in the comments below.

Kat xx

* this was a gifted experience however all opinions are my own.

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