Making your own face masks! Part 1

Hi guys welcome back to the blog! Now in the interest of transparency, I will tell you right now that these recipes are not mine. To be honest I just did a Google search and I believe these come from the Elle website, which I have linked.

I’ve always wanted to make my own face masks because I use so many of them and I’m trying to use cruelty free, waste free and natural ingredients as much as I can. With that in mind making my own face mask seems like the natural thing to do.

Without further ado let’s launch into the first mask that I made. According to the Elle website, this face mask is meant to even out skin tone and it only has three ingredients, making it super value for money!

    • Turmeric Powder
      Natural Yogurt

    Now, I won’t launch into the benefits as I’d just be copying the Elle website which seems pointless. However, before I began I could see why this would work for uneven skintone as the turmeric powder has a reddy orange tinge.

    It isn’t the nicest smelling mask but you could probably overcome this with the addition of some essential oils. This dried down like a normal mask does and within a similar time frame. When you begin to remove this, you really do need a flannel as some of the red colour stays on your skin.

    Initially I was afraid that I would look like an oompah looming 😂 so my advice to you is to use a good facial scrub afterwards just to ensure that it’s all off!

    My skin felt noticeably smoother and softer after use and even today, the morning after, it still feels nice! I feel it has brightened my skin tone slightly too. I’ll making and testing more of these but if you’re eager to try some, check out the Elle website!

    Credit for recipes: Elle Magazine

    Let me know if you try them and how they work for you!

    Kat xx

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