Our Night at The Vamps, Bonus Area – Prince’s Quay Prizewinners!

Oh my days! I apologise because I am so far behind on writing my blog posts.

I was lucky enough to win an Instagram competition with Prince’s Quay to see The Vamps play at the Bonus arena in Hull. However this fell on an extremely busy day. First of all, I had been working all day and I looked horrific. This was also the day that the new Boots superstore launched in Hull and the HEY Bloggers had invited local bloggers to visit the store, speak to the beauty manager and get a feel for our newest acquisition. As a beauty blogger, this was definitely my forte!

I won two tickets so I took the beautiful Jenny with me. We visited Boots first, got made over and then we had a cheeky Nando’s too. I really know how to treat my women 😂

The first thing that we noticed when we got to the bonus arena was just how high up we were. As these tickets were complimentary we certainly couldn’t complain. However, it was a little bit higher than we would have personally liked as neither of us are particularly fond of heights. This became particularly evident when we wanted to dance and found ourselves clinging on to each other! In saying that, the view was absolutely outstanding!

The Vamps were also excellent, although I felt positively middle aged compared to most there! There were a vast array of dads taking one for the team so kudos to them!

I didn’t get a great deal of pictures as my phone died!

Overall a super nights entertainment with a good pal, courtesy of PQ! Thanks so much PQ! 🙂

Kat x

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