Sustainable Fashion For All: Rock on Ruby and Inclusivity!

Ahoy pals! It’s been a while but I come to you with a post that I have been dying to write and in the interest of full disclosure, the item featured was gifted to me (I’ll explain how throughout the post) but it’s not a sponsored post at all.

The lovely Holly at Rock on Ruby models a lot of their stock and so she should, she’s absolutely gorgeous! However, one day she made an appeal for some of their 26k followers to comment on a post suggesting how they would style their new tee. Complete with a woman motif and the slogan I don’t need validation. I was super excited to make some suggestions about how it should look but thought nothing of it as lots of people had commented. I think from what I remember Holly was looking for people with varying body types. ❤️

Imagine my surprise when I received a DM saying I’d won and would be receive if one of these amazing tees free of charge! The catch? Take some pictures in the shirt and share them with ROR to use on their socials and blogs! Not much of a catch to me as I’d have done all of that anyway! 🙂

The lovely Jenny, one of the cofounders of HEY Bloggers and blogger extraordinaire kindly agreed to assist me in taking some pictures to display all types of awesome and below I’ve shared some of my favourite shots with you. This shoot was so much fun, a little chilly but it’s definitely helped my confidence levels to soar.

Message to Holly: Thank you so much for the opportunity and I’ll be forever grateful ❤️ I’d definitely like to be involved in something like this again if the chance ever presents itself.

Anyways, you really must check out Rock on Ruby for unique and quirky clothing and accessories. There is something for every occasion 😍

If you buy anything, you could use the code KEEPITSASSY for 10% (God I hope that’s the right code 😂)

Kat XX

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