Tessies Humber St Launch!

Hello 👋

Friday 12th April was the day of Tessies Launch of their new store on Humber Street. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Tessies is a indie retailer, both online at http://www.tessies.co.uk and they also have a store in Hull.

Tessies are known for their sweet and feminine clothing pieces but more so for their incredible range of accessories from bags to sunglasses and jewellery. I personally love their jewellery as it has such kitch value and totally vamps up my outfits.

Their aesthetic fits in perfectly on Humber Street but doesn’t stray away from the strong, welcoming vibes it had when the store was on Newland Ave.

The attention to detail is really carefully thought out. I almost didn’t want to touch anything tbh!

I have to be honest, the stand out parts of the store now, with the exception of the amazing products, are the fitting rooms which are filled with positive messages and quotes. We were also informed they are breastfeeding friendly and there are story books in the changing rooms for quiet time when mums bring their little ones shopping.

The cute touches such as the personalised mirrors and positivity tabs mean that you feel so good about yourself, no purchase necessary!

Finally, the stand out piece in the store are the neon lights. Everyone loves a good quote and just reading Tessies makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


If you’re from Yorkshire, it’s certainly worth you visiting Tessies for yourself but if not, you’re check out their awesome stock here.

Until next time!

Kat x

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