Remembering the Movies at Bonus Arena, Hull

Monday 25th March 2019

I was lucky enough to win tickets to this event as part of the HEY bloggers Christmas party and in all honesty, I almost forgot about it after a busy few months.

Although I’m not a strictly nut, I do like it and I’ve been a fan of the dancers for a while! I was unsure about how a show like this would work but excited to experience this high culture on my doorstep. Firstly, I have to say the seats were brilliant! We were at the back of the stalls but the stage is at such a height that you can see everything from any part of the arena. It’s very well built.

The movies covered by Alijaz and Jeanette were really varied – from Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers all the way up to the present day with the Greatest Showman and A Star is Born.

There was one very emotional point where they played the theme from Armageddon and I just cried 😭

I was absolutely blown away with the skill of the amazing team of dancers that they worked with, the costumes and omg, the singers were absolutely superb! I’m definitely up for more nights at the Bonus arena if they book more superb talent like that!

Kat xx

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