Revolution Cut Crease Canvas

I’ve been a make up enthusiast for as long as I can remember but only recently began to invest time into practicing and honing my skills. Back in the noughties when I began using make up, you just shoved eyeshadow on your lids. You didn’t think about shade placement, priming and prepping but over the years many products have been developed to help your eyeshadow last longer.

I’m notoriously pants at eyeshadow and I spend a lot of time practicing how to blend shades together. I used to used concealer to prime my lid for shadow but there was never much longevity for the shades. I may have been using it incorrectly, who knows!

Recently I purchased the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas which is essentially a thick base for eyeshadow. You are supposed to use it to carve out cut creases. As I rarely do cut crease looks (I have hooded lids and I haven’t perfected the technique yet!) I use it as a base for other styles of shadow.

It’s available in a couple of shades to suit your skin tone. There is also a pure white shade called 😇 halo which is the shade I purchased. The product comes with its own applicator and I use a combination of sweeping and patting the base onto my lid.

Application is better when the product is still a little bit sticky. I usually pat the shadow in too to begin with and build up the colour gradually. What I noticed is how much brighter the shadows appear when you use the base! I wouldn’t use it when having a natural day, let’s put it that way!

I think the best feature for me is the longevity of the product and how bright it STAYS!

Revolution have 4 shades; halo, illustrate, create and etch to match to every skin tone! I would definitely recommend this product as an essential addition to your kit, especially if you’re trying to up your eye look game.

Top tip: use a concealer brush for the application not the one it comes with, which is pointless in my opinion– but see for yourself!

Kat x

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