Lush Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

Throw your hands up if you’re a Lush fan! 🙌

I ADORE Lush but I’ll be real with you, the smells that wander out of that shop can sometimes be so overpowering that my visits are sporadic. However, on my last visit, I had a specific product I needed – a shampoo bar! I’d had one previously and loved it although I cannot recall the name of it; it’s something that’s not stocked anymore.

I pootled into Lush and promptly found myself awash with various shampoo bars. Luckily for me, an assistant was on hand to assist me. My requests were few – something that settled an angry scalp due to my psoriasis and something that didn’t strip colour as I am planning on colouring my hair again very soon.

Presenting ‘Soak and Float’ 😀

How it looks

It’s a cute creamy colour with what I can only describe as green and brown grainy bits embedded into it! 😂 sound appealing!? All those ‘bits’ come from the natural ingredients such as the cade oil, rose and marigold petals.

Note the tin that mine is in! Such a good idea and brilliant to preserve and manage your shampoo bar BUT I will say this – they cost £2.50, which I wasn’t told so when she asked if I wanted one, I was like “oh yeah if you have one!” as you would. Just be transparent with your customers so you don’t get a shock. I didn’t mind but some people would mind and would probably expect it to come with.

The benefits

This is supposed to treat problematic scalps – the marigold and rose petals are there to reduce the redness of the scalp whilst the cade oil is the natural ingredient responsible for naturally having a go at that nasty psoriasis! Additionally, Cade oil also has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties meaning it has that healing, caring effect. The somewhat intense but still beautiful fragrance comes from the inclusion on Tonka absolute, which provides a double whammy as Tonka Absolute also reduces inflammation. Exactly what we need!

Anything else?

Yes! It’s £7.50 for a 55g bar BUT I can absolutely attest that these bars last a bloody lifetime! I easily go through more than £7.50 worth of plastic bottled, silicon filled shampoo in the time it takes go through this bar.

I love that it’s so natural and it’s also cruelty free and vegan friendly – two important things to me! It’s very compact making it ideal for travelling; hotel shampoo and psoriasis does not male a good match!

Plus if you buy one of these bars you are promoting plastic free, zero waste, eco friendly and silicon free beauty meaning you’ll definitely be doing your bit for Mother Earth!

I’d love to do more Lush reviews in the future 🙂 this is not an ad, all products were purchased using my own money and opinions are my own.

Which Lush must haves do you recommend? Comment below or get in touch through the socials.

Until next time!

Kat xx

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