Profusion Mixed Metal Lips


If you’re a long time reader of the blog, you’ll know I love a good liquid lip or lip creme. In the early days, I tested the W7 Matte lips, Limecrime velvetines and NYX lip lingerie! Today I bring you a review of the Profusion Mixed Metal Lips Kit in Cocoa!

At half price (£3.50), it seemed too good to leave in boots! There were a couple of shade choices available, however I went for the darker shades as I like to embrace my inner goth/mosher like I did as a teenager! 😂

One of the first things I looked for on this product was to see if it was a cruelty free brand! I was pleased to see that it was and it had the little bunny symbol, which I’ve tried to show you but it’s tiny!

Upon opening, you notice that you get two lip cremes and a liner. One of the the cremes is a basic matte colour and the other is a metallic creme, meaning you can choose a more natural or intense look! You could also combine all three for a super metallic lip.

The lip liner is presented beautifully- it’s called cocoa charm and it’s a wind up liner meaning no annoying sharpening! It’s a lovely brown shade which I know will go well with some of my other products especially my MAC Velvet Teddy lippie!

The swatches above show Matte Cocoa, Cocoa Charm Liner and Metallic Cocoa.

As you can see from the image, the matte shade is darker than the metallic shade but I think this makes it the ideal base. When you open them, there is a gorgeous, subtle scent which won’t overpower you when on your lips.

When I did the swatches, I waited around 5 mins and then tried to wipe them off with my finger. The matte shade didn’t move at all, the metallic shade moved a little but, in my experience thats typical of metallic shades!

The swatches after I’d tried to rub them off!

So now for the lips! I applied the lipliner and found it super easy to use- I have dodgy lips so I naturally make mistakes but they were easy to fix. The liner glided on with ease but wasn’t too soft! After this, I applied the matte creme and expected it to stay wet but it dried down pretty quickly. Unlike some of the other brand I’ve used, it’s actually very comfortable to wear. Finally I applied the metallic creme. It looked nice but I preferred it with just the matte creme. That’s certainly down to personal preference!

See me apply the lip products! (Excuse my appearance, I’d just had a bath!)

I’m please to say that it’s pretty transfer proof as well, though I’m yet to try it with food! As you can see from the video below, I had my water bottle as usual and not even a little bit transferred over!

So, I have to say, I am LOVING the Profusion Mixed Metal Lips and now I will definitely be trying out some of their other products. If you’re looking for affordable lip products, get yourself to Boots and check out Profusion.

Not sponsored or an ad (I wish!) just really loved the product. Honest as always!

Kat x

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