How I Keep Fit and Have Fun ❤️

It’s a new year and plenty of people make the resolution to start a new hobby and keep fit! Luckily for me, I already have this hobby. I stopped briefly during my pregnancy but now, in a bid to become pregnant once again, I’m back and working hard.

I do a class called Clubbercise! It’s based on the idea of the following: a darkened room, glow sticks and loud, funky club/dance music! There are classes nationally and I believe internationally – check out for more info.

What’s brilliant about it is that if you feel self conscious, you really ought not to because with the exception of some disco style lights, it’s in complete darkness.

If, like me, you are not very fit and are worried about the intensity, there are high, medium and low impact options for the routine. As time goes on, you become more adventurous and now I can keep up with most of the high impact options. Top tip though: If you plan to do more than one class a week, ensure you’ve recovered from the first because I’m just knackered after only one rest day.

Additionally, it’s so much fun! I go with work colleagues and even those who have two left feet just go for it! I track my workout on my Fitbit which allows me to know how many calories I have burned, my heart rate and it also adds to my step count.

I feel the most important thing is just how good I feel physically, it helps with my mental wellbeing too. After a stressful day at work, attending Clubbercise means I go home calm and relaxed. As a result of all of the exercise, I always have the best nights sleep after Clubbercise. In fact, I’m almost comatose 😂

Are there any cool workouts you follow? Always open to new ideas! I should point out this isn’t sponsored or an ad, it’s just something I absolutely love.

Kat xx

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