Let’s talk skincare!

Happy Christmas Eve lovelies! I thought I would do this skincare post as I know when I overindulge at Christmas time, my hips and waist take most of the damage but I am also prone to break outs due to fats and oils in the food. I’ve been really looking after my skin lately and I’ll insert a picture at the end to show you how fabulous it is looking! For now, I’ll share my steps to skin success with you 🙂

Step 1: Remove all make up.

I use a two pronged approach! Not only do I wash my face like a normal human being but I also use very specific baby wipes to ensure that all of my make up is off! These Johnson’s wipes get everything off, including mascara!

Step 2: Pop on a face mask!

I change my face mask up depending on how my skin is at that particular time. For example, recently I had a very bad break out due to being full of cold and I basically went into Lush and said “rescue me! I need help!” I usually get Cupcake which contains Rhassoul mud but the advisor recommended Catastrophe Cosmetic which contains calamine and it really did settle my skin down! Obviously, after 10-15m I wash it off with warm water and a flannel!

Step 3: Cleanse and Tone!

I love my cleanser and toner routine mainly because I use the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. Firstly, I apply the cleanser to my skin and it’s beautifully smooth and feels lovely on. I generally leave it around 3-5 min to soak right in! I need to focus on the area around my nose as I get lots of dry skin there! Then I use one of the special muslin hot cloths to remove the cleanser! This is genuinely my favourite step because the warmth of the cloth is lovely and feels luxurious, like you might get in a spa!

Once removed, I continue my routine by using Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which is a superb contrast to the hot cloth cleaner as it’s so cold! You can feel the cucumber extract working the moment you apply it!

Step 4: Moisturise

Finally, you need a lovely thick moisturiser to keep your skin all perfect and plump! I personally use Total Moisture by Benefit. It is beautiful but may not be suitable if you have sensitive skin as it is highly fragranced! It is absolutely gorgeous but I think I am going to phase this out over the year as I am almost certain that Benefit is not cruelty free and I want to make it my mission to use completely cruelty free products! I will look at the Liz Earle alternative to go with the rest of my routine!

Step 5: Work on the lips!

Finally, I get my Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush and rub it into my lips! It’s made from caster sugar and jojoba oil so it’s edible! Just scrub and lick! I really suffer with dryness and cracking during the winter months so it’s totally worth investing in!

Items I sometimes use…

In the interest of transparency, these items were gifted to me a while ago and I love them both but I don’t use them on a daily basis as 1) I don’t need to and 2) I want to make them last!

  • Eyewake Collagen Eye Gel
  • This is a lovely, sheer gel with is made to soften the under eye area and help with tired looking eyes.
  • Skinkissed Vitamin C Facial Serum

    I must admit I am not 100% comfortable with using this as it contains fish collagen but it does make my skin feel amazing! One of my missions is to establish if it’s cruelty free and then I can continue using it!

    Anyways, Boxing Day sales are nearly upon us and you may be able to grab some of these at an absolute bargain price! I’d love to know what you guys do to take care of your skin. Merry Christmas 🎄❤️

    As promised, a pic of my make up free skin looking fabulous!

    Kat x

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