Love Actually Live In Concert

It’s Christmas time. Dark nights, cosy PJ’s and an abundance of old films are about to be thrust upon us but would it really be Christmas without the festive favourites? Home Alone, A Muppets Christmas Carol, The Holiday? Well, I regard Love Actually as possibly one of my favourite films of all time as well as a modern, Christmas classic!

When I found out it was going to be performed at out recently opened Bonus Arena in Hull, I sorely wanted tickets but at the time couldn’t afford them. Months passed and I actually forgot this event was happening until the night of the 9th December when a reminder on Facebook made me all excited again. Surely I wouldn’t get tickets at this late stage! Luckily, I checked the situation out and a few tickets were still available! My friend Rachel and I spent the next 24 hours getting very excited!

Now, this was my first visit to the Bonus arena so I’d like to share my thought with you about the venue.

I was very impressed with how quickly we got into the venue even with the security checks. When we entered, staff were superbly helpful in guiding us to our seats. This venue WON for me because I had just started with a cold and oh my days, it was so lovely and toasty (but not roasting!)

Rachel and I decided we were in need of refreshment so we ventured to the catering facilities. It was wonderful to see the large selection of beverages they had as sometimes music/entertainment venues can be quite restrictive. Price wise, it was a little on the expensive side for snacks but no more so than a football stadium and there were a fine selection of offers available. My only qualm was that the server told me she’d have to remove the lid off of my cola bottle. In fairness, I did understand why BUT it then meant I had to keep hold of it (and it was freezing) all the way through the show, I couldn’t put it down anywhere for fear of spilling it. It’s something I hope the arena looks into in the future. The arena’s use of paper straws definitely earned them brownie points too!

Now onto the music! I have to say, this is easily the best £35 I have EVER spent! From moment one, I had goosebumps all over as the orchestra played the film’s soundtrack so stunningly! Have you ever been somewhere and, even though you’re surrounded by people, felt absolutely alone and at peace? That’s how I felt during this. It was just so lovely wonderful and as much as I love the film already, it brought it further to life for me!

One of my fave moments ❤️

More brilliant moments 😍

Anyway, in short… Love Actually with an orchestra is frigging awesome, even better with friends at an amazing venue!

Old image of hubby and I!

Last year, hubby and I made a New Years resolution to experience more and do new things! We really want to continue this into 2019. So far, these are the things we have in mind:

  • Bianca Del Rio (more for me, I’m a big Ru Paul fan!)
  • Billy Joel (This is bucket list stuff!)

Is there anything you want to achieve in 2019?

Thanks for reading!

Kat xx

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