Follow That Fashion Week 3

A brand new weekly segment looking at some of the brilliant bloggers, influencers and total babes on the internet!

In the interest of transparency, I’ve completely copied and been inspired by another blogger, Jenny (check her out at I’ve always appreciated other ladies and their style but never documented it in this way so here goes and hopefully you’ll find a new woman crush or style inspo!

Amy Eade

Amy is ultimate Amy is ultimate plant lady and I absolutely love her casual style! Whenever I try to dress casually, I look like a tramp, when Amy does it she looks so so on trend! I have total Insta envy because her grid is just beautifully thoughtful and themed! I think I need a trip with Amy and she can show me how on Earth she locates all the best charity shop finds! Amy’s Insta is here. X

Emily –

Emily, at 5 foot 1 is a petite girl. It could be hard to find suitable outfits when you are either petite or taller, but I get totally inspiration from Emily’s feed because her sense of style is incredible. I also love looking at the interesting locations she chooses to shoot her photographs! You can find Emily here.

Chloe – Yourschloe

Chloe is feed is perfection! Not only is this girl super stylish and ticking every box for every trend but her transition from summer to autumn on her feed is seamless! She’s clearly very natural in front of the camera and her feed makes me want to go out into the countryside! Hey girl, you could work for the National Trust 😂

Have a look at Chloe’s insta here.

Lizzie Florence

Wow what can I say about Lizzie? I am always looking at Lizzies Instagram and blog for style inspiration. As I have said previously, I used to wear a lot of black because I couldn’t find colourful clothes that suited curvy ladies like me. However, when I look at Lizzies feed, I find hidden gems; pieces that I would never in 1 million years have thought of wearing until I’d seen them worn so beautifully by Lizzie. One of my favourite things is that Lizzie is a fellow teacher so I know that her outfit choices are practical for both in work and out of work. Have a look at Lizzie’s grid here.

Why do I do this?

We need to support each other as women and appreciate each other. There are so many people willing to rip us down with little to no thought. Girls compete, women empower!

Finally, here’s my outfit choice of the week 🙂

Kat x

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