Follow That Fashion Week 2

A brand new weekly segment looking at some of the brilliant bloggers, influencers and total babes on the internet!

In the interest of transparency, I’ve completely copied and been inspired by another blogger, Jenny (check her out at I’ve always appreciated other ladies and their style but never documented it in this way so here goes and hopefully you’ll find a new woman crush or style inspo!

Rebecca Belk (Insta: Rebecca_belk)

Not only is this girl super stylish, she is able to pick out the cutest places to take her pictures! I love her grid loads. I know Halloween is a whole year away but look at that sassy costume/outfit!

Rebecca has a real knack for teaming her outfits with cute accessories (scarves are a big thing for her at the moment!) You need to check her out 🙂

Becky Barnes (Insta: beckybarnesblog)

I lack confidence in terms of putting together outfits as I’m a curvier girl. I turn to Insta for inspiration and I come across this total babe! I don’t know Becky personally (I wish I did – she seems like that friend that would always have your back and stick a boot up your arse!) but I admire her fashion choices so much! She takes a range of colours, patterns and prints and wears them in the prettiest styles – just look at the plunge on that first picture 🔥 and those mustard stripes are full of Autumnal goodness!

Lucy Scarfe – (Insta: Lucyscarfe)

This girl give me not only fashion envy BUT total grid envy. Her commitment to theme is 🙌 and it’s something I wish I was really good at! When I look at Lucy’s grid, I just want to know where she got EVERYTHING and she also inspires me to be more adventurous with my outfits. For instance, I have a snake print skirt and I would never have put orange with it but Lucy does it perfectly for an autumnal, on trend post!

Violet Glenton (Insta: Violetglenton)

Wow, where do I begin with Violet. I think it’s fair to say, WHAT A DOLL! I’ve met her a couple of times and she helped me improve my insta game so much and worked with me to improve the quality of my images. I won’t ever be as confident as this lovely lady but she inspired me to keep going with Insta and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I LOVE her style and this current obsession with leopard print is 👌🏻! I must have 5 or 6 leopard pieces inspired by this girls’ grid!

Why do I do this?

We need to support each other as women and appreciate each other. There are so many people willing to rip us down with little to no thought. Girls compete, women empower!

Insta Links Below!





Here’s a leopard print Primark Beaut I bought this week!

Kat x

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