Follow That Fashion ❤️

A brand new weekly segment looking at some of the brilliant bloggers, influencers and total babes on the internet!

In the interest of transparency, I’ve completely copied and been inspired by another blogger, Jenny (check her out at I’ve always appreciated other ladies and their style but never documented it in this way so here goes and hopefully you’ll find a new woman crush or style inspo!

Emma Johnson – Emma’s Rectangle on YouTube/Insta

I adore this girl’s style! Everything she wears looks great on her. Looking through her feed, it’s clear she likes retro looks such as print jumpers and mom jeans but equally looks AMAZING in dainty dresses like the one above! She is totally repping for the girl with curves and on top of being extremely stylish, her make up skills are bomb too! I’ve linked her YouTube below 🙂

Jenny – Iamjennychat

Total babe AND local! Jenny already does a segment such as this and as I said at the the beginning, the credit for these posts go ENTIRELY to her as she has inspired me with her posts.

What I love about her style is how she can take any print, any colours and just make it look so beautiful! For instance, how gorgeous is the jumpsuit picture at the top? I have such short legs that I cannot pull jumpsuits off so I have total envy!

Please check her blog out! It’s an essential read! 🙂

Days of Marz- Instagram

A self proclaimed 40 something year old but OMG! How much sass does this woman have! 🙂 her choices of colours, layers and accessories are just so lush!

I always look forward to seeing her next post on her grid and it gives me total style inspo!

Have a look at her feed:

Nat Hill – Instagram

Imagine being able to take every print in the book and make it truly unique! Nast’s Instagram feed is absolutely gorgeous. Her style of photography focussing in on interesting details of the pieces she is wearing. Nat also makes it easy for us to copy her by listing where she got the pieces from. She’s also a local girl which is a winner for me; I feel I can identity a bit more with her!

Have a gander at her blog here 🙂

So I hope you liked this style of post. I’m currently off work recovering from surgery related to the previous post and just being able to write on the blog at the minute is so cathartic and is helping to distract me. As always, appreciate the support!

A Nat Hill inspired post from me below!

Kat x

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