September Fashion Haul

I ❤️ September! It’s a whole new year for me, being a teacher and it’s also the start of my favourite season of the year 🍂

With this in mind and including the fact I just had the 6 week holidays, I decided I needed a bit of a wardrobe refresh. I’m know to wear lots of basics and mostly black due to the fact I’m a size 16, sometimes 18 and not knowing how to style myself. I decided to throw myself out of my comfort zone and buy pieces I wouldn’t usually. Keep reading for a rundown and pics of my haul!

Primark Mustard Floral Wrap Dress – £10

I am in love with the whole mustard trend but I’ve been told before that mustard doesn’t suit me and ‘it’s not your colour.’ Luckily, I don’t care about that!

This dress is super flattering over my tummy whilst bringing my waist in and emphasising my wonderful bosom 😂 I team this with a black vest top because no one wants me to flash them! Wearing them with black opaque tights means I’m always warm and cosy.

You can team this dress with almost any type of footwear but I personally wear my lace up heeled boots to try and vamp my 5ft frame up a little bit! (The boots were £25 from Tesco, if you’re interested!)

Primark Midi Leopard Wrap Dress – £13

This was an unusual purchase for me because not only is it one print all over, it’s a midi style dress and I felt that being short, this would not suit my frame. I never try things on in the shop as I can’t deal with other people’s poor hygiene (sorry for the honesty!) and I’ve always felt more comfortable at home.

The print is super flattering on my flabby bits and I feel totally on trend when I’m wearing this. I sometimes wear it with a belt to emphasise my waist even further but it’s not actually required.

Unlike the previous dress, knee high boots don’t really work! I generally wear the lace up boots or my cute ballet pumps. If I’m wearing it out, I like to team it with these 4th and Reckless lace up heels. (Purchased from Next last Autumn/Winter)

Primark Dogstooth High Waist Skirt – £10 and F&F ‘Feminine and Fearless’ T-shirt – £7

I bought this skirt to team with a black V neck jumper but then saw this cute tee and wanted to team them together.

The skirt is mega cute and can be teamed with black or white tops. To be honest, it’s a little on the short side so I don’t wear this for work. I love the high waisted detail of this dress and it looks lovely with knee high boots.

The T-shirt was something I originally bought to go with the next item but I felt it didn’t really go together. I felt the slogan was really appropriate as I have a new found confidence recently, (I did a post on it in August, take a look!)

The suede detail on the t-shirt makes the slogan really pop! Here’s a picture of both items teamed together.

New Look Leopard Split Wrap Skirt – £17.99

Oh my days I love this so much. The fabric is floaty and flattering which is one of the things I love about it. However, the moment the wind catches it, you’re in trouble! I always end up flashing people accidentally in this!

I love how easy it is to team items up with it! Black, naturally is probably the best and I kept it simple with a basic t-shirt but I imagine if I wanted to wear this on a night out, I could always pop a floaty silky cami on, tucked in and ramp up the accessories!

In terms of footwear, I chose my Asda ankle boots but you could team this with everything from killer heels to converse and it would still be to die for!

Primark Tan Flare Cords -£15

Wow, do these give me 70’s vibes! The first pair I bought ripped so I believe that they were faulty. I’ve sized up to make sure but that means they look huge around my legs. Still, I think they’re gorgeous and they give me all those autumn feels!

I have a lovely silky blouse to go with this but wearing a simple black jumper with them works just as well. Looking at the picture, it’s hard to believe they were £15 as the quality makes them look much more expensive! Apologies for the dodgy picture – hard to get one when you’re solo shooting! I feel these will be a staple in my wardrobe year after year, y’know, if they don’t rip 😬

Thanks so much for reading and I hope that maybe you’ve seen some pieces you like. I’d love for more of you to share your style with me!

Kat x

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