I ❤️ Revolution Mint Choc Mini Palette

I detest mint chocolate 🍫😖 and in a strange, misguided way, I based my make up choices on this when it came to purchasing the chocolate bar palettes. For instance, I hate macaroons so therefore I haven’t and won’t buy the Macaroons palette 😂 Sad I know! I almost did not pick this up because I hate mint; boy, am I glad I changed my mind!

The adorable packaging ❤️

The packaging reflects the matte shades you’ll see in the palette and I think it’s HELLA cute! All of the chocolate bar palettes look like this, in various colours, making them super collectible!

The shade range and selection!

There’s so much to do with this palette and all 8 shades really are very pigmented! I find them to be bailable and easily blendable. The peach, in particular, blends beautifully into the browns!

My only criticism is with regards to shades. I feel like it’s hard to do a decent green and brown look. I did a cut crease and I only saved it using he glitter pen I have. I feel the browns are too closely matched and I would have preferred one less shimmer. That looks like a big lists of complaints but it’s not! How it is, works perfectly well.

I created a simple eye look using this palette and created a pictorial you can follow. The instructions are on the picture but will comment on the type of brush I used and motions used too.

I used a dense, fluffy blending brush. It wasn’t the thickest but it helped the shadow to stay in the crease.
I used the light brown to buff into the dark brown then the peach to buff into that. I used a bigger blending brush, which is even denser but slightly fanned out.
Using a small shader brush to apply shadow underneath. This is a flatter type of shadow brush, the type you might use to pack colour on.
Always set your concealer with powder and wait for it to dry down otherwise the shadow will just crease. Using a shader brush from before, add the shimmer of your choice.
I took a little more brown and blended the gold and brown together to create a spotlight style eye. Add mascara. You might want to add liner and lashes too but it’s up to you 🙂

So, I hope you liked the pictorial and I would love to do more if they’re helpful for people. Ultimately, for £6, you get 8 incredible shadows that rival some of the higher end palettes I have. It’s also perfect for travelling! Give it a try 🙂

Kat x

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