Why you shouldn’t fake confidence when you can make it!

Those of you that know me are aware that I am not/have not been the most confident person in the world.

Recently after a series of events in my personal life, I was at an all time low and I realised I had to do something about it. First of all, I began to use this blog and my instagram as an outlet for my passion of make up and beauty. However, what you see on the internet is not always reflective of what is happening behind the screen.

Now I’ll share with you some tips that have helped me out over the past 8 weeks. You’ll probably have heard these before but hopefully they’ll help someone or inspire someone else.

  • Push yourself to do something out of your comfort zone. In the past month, I attended a bloggers event alone, drove on the motorway for the first time alone, took part in pantomime for the first time in well over 15 years and auditioned for a gospel choir. I also entered a singing competition!
  • Trying these new things allowed me to meet new, like minded people, some of who are now really good buddies of mine and who helped me through the difficult past months.
  • Chris and I during the run of Aladdin, August 2018

    • Linking directly to point 1, try wearing colours and styles that may not be your usual ‘cup of tea. I am known for wearing an awful lot of black and basically hiding myself away because, at a size 16 and sometimes bigger on top, the fashion world doesn’t seem to cater for me. Well, it does if you know where to 👀 look and by trying new things, you’d discover items that will define your style.
    Leopard print Kat!
    • Compliment others. By complimenting others, we boost the other persons confidence and by proxy, we feel good about ourselves in the process. Plus, it’s nice to be nice.
    • Surround yourself with honest people who nurture the best part of you. I’ve spent Summer mainly with family but have had time with friends too. My friends are amazing and they are so supportive BUT also give me a kick up the arse when I absolutely need it! At the same time, phasing out those ‘yesmen’ and those who didn’t give your friendship the same level of regard that you did is also a big confidence boost!
    My band, Pretty Flamingo
      Hold your head up high. I know it sounds simple but body language is everything! I used to walk around with my head facing the floor but I missed so much. People thought I was closed off and ignorant but I wasn’t! I just lacked confidence and found eye contact difficult!
    • My final tip is probably the one that has made the most difference to me. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I have pushed myself forward so much over the summer with my beauty portfolio. I previously put feelers out for people to practice on or models and no one was really forthcoming. Using my Insta as a platform, I’ve since asked in different ways and displayed my work. I’ve also tagged some of the brands in my photos as well and had some great feedback from them. Approach them!

    So, I hope these help! I’d love to hear what has helped you to become more confident too!

    Kat x

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