HEY Bloggers HEY Launch – Saturday 25th August

With social media platforms like Facebook and Insta, it’s easy to feel a false sense of ‘togetherness’ as it were and as a blogger, I can tell you there are times when I have felt very lonely; like I wasn’t sure who to share my content with, who to speak to and more importantly, was it all worth it?

I met the HEY Blogger team online, on Twitter and began to follow their tweets carefully. You see, this lovely bunch of girls were all local and all bloggers themselves. Finally! Like minded people to speak to.

(Photo Credit: HEY Bloggers)

HEY Bloggers organised a ‘HEY Launch’ for Saturday 25th August at Hull Minster. This was only £4 to attend and promised workshops in social media and photography as well as games, competitions and networking opportunities; it did not disappoint!

First of all, Jenny (Insta: iamjennychat) opened the floor up, introducing the team and the schedule of events. What I liked most about this is how relaxed everybody felt from the get go!

(Photo credit: HEY Bloggers)

Attendees were split up into 2 groups so both could attend alternate workshops. Our first workshop was photography and I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to achieve. As a Beauty blogger, achieving good images of my looks and make up really matter to me and I always want to stand out from the crowd. I made sure to mention this. Violet (Insta: @violetglenton) and Amy (Insta: @callmeamye) led this workshop and asked us all individually what we wanted to know or achieve before imparting with tips about detail, symmetry, lighting etc and an opportunity to take some of our own pictures in the Minster to test our own skills and put some of the new tips into practice. Have a look at some of the photos I took of the Minster 🙂

I was pretty happy with the pictures, especially the last one. However, due to the nature of what I do with this blog and instagram, Violet very kindly offered to speak with me 1:1 about the kinds of images I might need on my platforms as I explained I felt that my photos had little substance, people couldn’t relate to them and engagement was not what I wanted it to be. I was given lots of amazing advice and Violet spent ages shooting pictures of me to show me what amazing venue like Hull Minster can do.

(Photo Credit: HEY Bloggers)

Here are some of the brilliant images Violet took! I’ve personally seen a significant rise in engagement through my social media channels since these pictures were taken so these girls REALLY do know their stuff!

📸 Photo Credit: Violet Glenton (@violetglenton)

After a short break, we then swapped over into the social media workshop! Now, I won’t lie, I felt like I knew my stuff about social media. Boy, was I wrong?! As it happens, I use very little social media compared to others and I’m also not using it to its full potential! We were given a ‘social media cheat sheet’ with tips and hints on for each platform we used and out of respect for people who paid to be there, I won’t share that right now.

Emma (Insta: thepinpicker) and Ashton (Insta: ashtongibbs) both work within social media and engagement and were able to assist with any specific queries we had.

(Photo Credit: HEY Bloggers)

What I will tell you is that the tips given DO work. My insta following and post engagement is way up, I believe, and is an amalgamation of better content using the tips from the photo workshop and better captions, hashtags and just more of an understanding of how the platform works!

(Photo Credit: HEY Bloggers)

At the end of both the workshops, the raffles and competitions were drawn. Lots of brilliant companies from Hull, mostly within Princes Quay, were very generous in their prize donations meaning that the spoils were of a high quality! Everyone won something to making it really fair.

(Photo credit: HEY Bloggers)

I won a competition to see a local theatre company’s latest production which I’m so psyched for and I also won free cinema tickets so hubby and I had a date night last night 🙂

At the end of the event, people hung around to network and what became very apparent to me is that there are plenty of people blogging in Hull but their topics are so unique! There was not one person there doing Beauty which I was sure wouldn’t be the case. We were also given an excellent t goody bag with some sweeties from a local indie trader, chip spice and a beauty shadow swapper which I have made lots of use of since Saturday!

(Photo Credit: HEY Bloggers)

Overall, I felt this was a very well organised yet relaxed event where you could be yourself! It was the first event of its kind I have attended and I certainly would do it again now!

Please make sure to take a look at the social media links for some of the brilliant people I met too!


HEY Bloggers : @heybloggers

Violet: @violetglenton

Amy: @callmeamye

Jenny: @iamjennychat

Emma: @thepinpicker

Ashton: @ashtongibbs

You can find links to their blogs through here!

If you don’t already, make sure to look at my insta too 🙂 @kat_on_beauty

(Photo Credit: Hey Bloggers)

Thanks for reading!

K x

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