Today’s Mini Haul at Prince’s Quay :)

My usual posts are cosmetic heavy but this one is about my mini haul from my local shopping precinct today. I did buy cosmetics and I will be blogging about them over the coming days.

This shopping centre has recently had a great deal of investment and it was sorely needed. When I first moved to Hull, nearly 8 years ago now, this is the shopping centre I would visit the least. I’d maybe pop into Primark now and then but it didn’t have a wide range of stores, it was drab and outdated. Now it’s one of my favourite places to visit and I’ll talk about that later on in the post.

Muffin Break – Main Deck

This was the first place I went, needing a hot chocolate due to the sudden drop in temperature. It’s a beautiful little coffee chain, just opened. Prices are slightly cheaper than your larger chains and their range of drinks are just as good. What impresses me the most is the wide range of baked goods. They do bran, traditional and gluten free options so there really is something for everyone! I opted for blueberry and it was lovely, fluffy and light.

Shopping Time!

I realise I sold it as some type of huge haul but then I realised I didn’t get that much at all.

I visited Superdrug first. This is the best city centre Superdrug in Hull. You can find many of the Revolution Pro and I heart Revolution products here, which saves me travelling all the way out into East Yorkshire itself.

I ❤️ revolution mint chocolate mini palette – £6

I was so excited to open this and swatch it, show you it and try it out but it’s broken inside so I’ll have to take it back tomorrow! Very disappointed 😔

Revolution Pro Blur Stick Primer – £10

I have been umming and ahhing about getting this for ages but couldn’t decide whether to get it or not. I saw Tammi (@makeupbytammi -Insta) using it and decided to give it a go.

It’s got a huge applicator but that’s a plus as I love how fast I can do my face with it! I haven’t had it on for long enough to discuss the longevity of the product but there will be an entirely new post on this anyway!

Revolution Beauty Loose Crushed Pearl Pigment in Kinky -£4

This is what I have been waiting for from Revolution! I have so many palettes but I really find the pigments so easy to use. There is a shaker element to it so you don’t use too much at once. I love the pearly nature of this and as mentioned before there will be an individual post on this at another point!


Silicone sponges – 30p

Bee Necklace – £1.50

Scarf -£4

So I’ve done the Primark bit all in one! I didn’t get that much so I didn’t see the point of going through it all. The silicone sponges still need to be used. They were 30p from by the till and I’ve never used them before so I figured I would give them a go and I’ll defo update you on how they go on!

I also bought the 🐝 necklace. I chose this because I love bees and the entire idea of bee related jewellery. Tbh I’d love a bee tattoo. I’m more into jewellery at the moment because I’ve had a big clear out of clothes so I’m trying to accessorise as much as I can!

Finally I bought the scarf. Every winter comes and I love the idea of big, fluffy scarves. Rob asked me why I’d bought one, in August, but all of the Autumn stuff was out! Now I’ve got it, I’m happy!

I also got a couple of bits from Claire’s accessories but I’ve popped those away for another post!

Thank you if you’ve read this far 😂 I’m always grateful for people reading my content and if you have anything you want me to review/try/test, I’m always open to trying new things!

Keep your eyes peeled for my I ❤️ Revolution and Revolution Pro Post!

K x

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